Home Improvement Part 1: Furnishing

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey guysss how's your weekend?I had a very tiring and not so good weekend... I will share more on that as i type what I about to share today. For now I want to share with you some of the item that I found today for my house that are in a good deal as Spotlight is having Merdeka Sale!!! Discount as much as 50% off and some clearance item too!!!

I wasn't aware of their sale even though I am their member. I found out that even you sign up as member at the counter physically you still need to register online to obtain promotion and news from them. So while i was having Dim Sum with my parents this morning they told me that the curtains in Spotlight is having 50% sales.... Actually there is many item that are on 50% too.... For example towels, candles, house decorating item, pillows, curtains, bedsheet, kitchen appliances and many more.

I bought these Thermal Linen curtain which is on 50% sale but actually its like a value buy price of Rm174++ and NP is RM260++. Have no idea why its not 50% but this is the cheapers ones among other and it has thermal properties where it will cool down when the weather is hot and warm up when the weather is cold. Their curtain price range from RM 170 - RM 400 after discount depends on size and fabric type....I ask my friend who also sell curtains she told me the price is really cheap. i went to check at Tewah Fabric store too, their curtain are cheaper but the material is rougher and the inner layer is not so soft.


Another things is, I found Spotlight's pleated curtain's head where you place the hook has a better and easier installation. I think it is call pencil pleats. First you have to measure the curtain length required and pull the thread to the required length…

imageimage source: http://www.curtainscurtainscurtains.co.uk/images/library/Pulled-tape.jpg

After that you can place one hook in or two or three up to your preferences…

imageimage source: http://elitecurtains.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/pencil_hang_3hook.jpg

You can also use the normal or the old style (4-pronged pleater hooks) like the below ones.

imageimage source: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/417Q9r4nc7L._SY300_.jpg 

The resulting pleat is nicer and only require to insert the hook into one hole only. so easy...

type of pleat

I only buy the curtains from spotlight yesterday as I have not fully complete my house painting yet(I will share on my house painting in another post) and I went to Giant to shop and I place my curtain at the storage counter... Then after shopping at Giant we rushed home to continue our painting works... Vrooooommm we are home and then when we reach our door step, Thomas recall oh our curtain still at Giant storage counter!!OMG then i have to drive all the way back to collect my curtains gaga!!!

On the way back I stop at another Giant near batu 9 to buy a sleeping pants because Its only available at that Giant. I really love the pants so I buy another two more pieces! Then as i walk through the Kitchenware trying to look for ceramic tray I found the tray I have been looking for so long at a affordable prices and it's available in various design!!! I got the whites one on the bottom of the below picture…


There is also another bigger tray in floral design (the one on the middle rack on above picture) which I really like but I trying not to spend unnecessarily so I did not get this but I am really thinking to buy it now!Tempted…

oh yes I also found claypot at the first Giant I went in Mines Wonderland! just the sizes I need...

I am happy with what I found but really to drive all the way back to Mines Wonderland is not cool!!

also on Friday I go all the way to Puchong SSF just to exchange my cracked teapot! I really like shopping in SSF, the staff there is very friendly and I like all their decors item and kitchenware is very beautiful too! when I reach home, as i place my tea pot down the lid fell off and beak into pieces.. My heard creaks into pieces just like how the lid breaks.... This is the picture of the teapot before it went into tragic accident..sob sob…


Oh well that’s a really not so good weekend... Alright guys I got to go now. i was drafting this using my iphone because I am too tired to open my laptop so just type on my bed before I go to sleep! So good night guys!! oh do head to Spotlight ya todays is the last day to grab all the 50% sales which is pretty rare! Night night!

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