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Monday, August 03, 2015

Hello lovelies….How have you been?? You know my shopping craze doesn’t stop even I am back from Europe.. Sigh… the offer is too attractive especially those online shopping shop which is just a click away to complete the purchase…. As always, i love to share with you my haul and also to share with you some of the great deal on this site.


I saw this Korean online store Althea as my fellow beauty blogger friend sharing it online around all the Facebook group and I did not click on it. As I am trying to not shop anymore as I really have a lot of unfinished product at home! BUT Their Daebak Deal is really unbeatable!! I have share that on my Facebook and Instagram and I am really sorry for making you shop!! >< evil grins! So yeah I gave in and look what I got?

p/s: This is only first round of my Althea Haul!

When I got the box, I squeal in happiness because everything is wrap in pink! It took about 2week to arrive which is pretty fast I think for International order. They are using TaqBin Courier service, they did call me before Raya but I was busy so I did not pick up the call and so the box did not reach me earlier than it supposed. I think in actual it takes only a week to arrive. I heard some of my friend have problem with the delivery service from TaqBin but mine is totally fine…. I believe Althea is aware of this and I supposed they will rectify this.

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I got the Innis Free famous Clay Mask for FREE(from the Daebak Sale), the Laneige  Water Sleep Mask at RM 77 (NP: RM 110) and also the Innis Free Creammellow Lipstick at RM 33 (NP: RM 56). So actually there is another round of shopping from Althea because I want to fully utilize their offer. Now let me show you how you can utilize all the promotion and save big bucks on your Korean skincare shopping.

Althea Korean Shopping Review2

I want to buy about RM250 worth of product in total from Althea. So I separate my purchase to RM 150 & RM 100 reason being because with RM 150 and above using ATA150 code you get RM 20 off and I can get credit back from the Innisfree Claymask (Daebak Deal) which can be use to purchase my other RM 100 worth of product. Also with every RM100 purchase I get free shipping!! See this is how you can maximise the promotion!! Shop smart girls!!!
p/s: I can’t wait for my second round haul to arrive!


I got a little bit upset though because after I make purchase, the next day Daebak Sale is Buy 1 Free 1 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask!! Argghhhh kill me pleaseee……. pleaseeeeee…. You know i really really love this water sleeping mask. It’s cooling and watery that it absorbed into my skin in secondss….  You can read my full review on Laneige Water Sleeping Mask here.


So you must be asking now that all Daebak Sale has ended what is so good deal to shop in Althea? I can tell you most or all their product price is cheaper than the price in the shop itself. For example all Laneige (I think so) is cheaper than the counter price and Innis Free product sold in Althea is definitely cheaper than buying in store in Malaysia. Now let me show you some of my favourite item in Althea that is must purchase and it’s on a great price slash!

1. This Innis Free Mineral Powder is my favourite loose powder… Ever since I got this, I never use my other powder. It’s so smooth and keep my foundation on my face for a whole day. It makes my skin feel smooth but not mattifying it!It’s just amazing! and Only RM20 what you waiting for?


2.Need me introduce more on this Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel? It’s my holygrail product, I have repeatedly purchase this for numerous uncountable times!
3. I talk about this Laneige Water Sleeping Mask earlier, so go get it already!
4. Ha this is also my favourite Innis Free No Sebum Blur Primer… It make my skin smooth but not making it feel sticky nor oily!! Good stuff yo!

5. This is Korean famous Laneige BB cushion that no need further introduction!!!!!!! The price is definitely worthy!!!!!



Still not convinced to shop at Althea yet? Althea not only provide free shipping for RM150 purchase and above but also guarantee Authenticity with Best price in the market! if you change your mind you can refund your purchase within 30days!


Alright, I shall stop now so you can go shopping right away! Chao…

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