7 Things to Do When Stuck in an Airport

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yoohoooo I thought today I’d share some travelling tips with you guysss…. Often we will stuck in the airport when before we depart to our destination. Things become worst when the flight is delayed… Airport departure lounges can be painfully boring if you are forced to spend a long period of time there. But with a little forward planning, you can make your next session at the airport so much more bearable. The following suggestions will easily carry you through your next delay.

Catch Up with Friends

The sweeping scale of social media means that the average person now has more friends than their parents did. Understandably, it can be an incredibly difficult task to make the time to stay in touch with all of them. Careers, kids, diets, exercise – these time constraints can make it tough to message your friends. On your next visit to an airport, use the time to send out some messages rather than sit around bored.

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Do Some Airport Shopping

This is one of my favourite things to do!! haha…. Travel internationally means you will have access to duty-free shopping, which will let you get an even better deal than you are used to. Seize this opportunity to make considerable savings on buying your favourite perfume or some champagne to celebrate a honeymoon. You can even do some shopping for a loved one’s birthday and still make a saving. Shop Shop Shop!

image image source:http://www.luxair.co.uk/cms/usr_images/luxair/31727_EN_shoppingAirport_4.jpg
Claim All of the Freebies

Duty-free shops are filled with sales staff ready to give out perfume samples, complimentary drink tasters, and even free chocolate. Make sure to claim anything delicious you can get your hands on. A pro tip is to chat to each of the sales staff to pass even more time. Let me know if you have try this kay? Hahaha…

Play Online Games on Wifi

Major airports are renowned for giving out free Wifi access. Fully charge your smartphone or tablet and you can settle down to play your favourite online games. The internet now has a multitude of gaming options to discover, checkout  the best bingo sites reviews here. Why not use the free access to enjoy games that will let you easily pass time.

Plan Dream Holidays for the Future

Wander over to the largest screen of departures and start looking through the list of destinations. If you find yourself dreaming about a couple of destinations then you know that you’ve found an enticing prospect for planning your dream holiday. This is especially helpful when travelling from your home airport.

imageimage source:http://vintagecurrent.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/holiday-planning.jpg 

Engage in Some People Watching

Some people like to watch the world go by, where as others specifically like to watch people go by. Airports attract all manner of interesting characters. Sit down at a coffee shop with your favourite order and start making up back stories for some of the more colourful travellers. You can even turn it into a game with friends – just don’t get caught staring! I do like looking at woman fashion and clumsy people rushing to departure gate… shhhh don’t tell anyone kay?

Spend the Last of Your Change

Foreign coins can be so frustrating because you cannot easily exchange them and you know that you might never visit the country where you got them again. Avoid any such frustration by going to the airport shop and spending the last of your small change. Drinks, snacks, and magazines are all excellent options for spending change while also treating yourself at the same time. I learned this in my last Europe trip as I still have plenty of pennies left unused….. I should have finished it in the airport! Gaga….

Alright guys, it’s the end of the post I hope these tips will keep you entertained while you stuck in the airport. See you in next blogpost soon tata…

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post and is written by a guest writer and had been modified by me to suit my writing style.

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