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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Hola….. I am back from my Honeymoon in Europe. I am sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. I was just caught up with my trip and many things that I need to settle. I am happy to finally find some time to share with you another healthy food. Before I went to Europe, I try to eat healthily with less meat and more vegetable. I even replace one of my meal with oat as it’s healthy and easy to cook. Then I was introduced to this Simple Life which serve healthy and nutritious vegetarian food. I love vegetarian food but I don’t go often because I find many vegetarian restaurant cook food using lots of colouring, additives and preservatives.  At Simple Life not only they used the top quality ingredients but also ensuring their meals are natural without any colouring, artificial colouring, additives, preservative and MSG. Read on and you will find all dishes serve in Simple Life is not boring at all nothing similar to the traditional vegetarian dish.

Simple Life review14

The restaurant feature simple wooden table and chair in a very spacious lot with minimal design. I feels very cosy dining in Simple Life.

Simple Life review15

We start our meal with a Mixed Fruit tea. I had tried this tea in some other restaurant before and this is not the best but still good. It’s a nice way to open up your appetite to kick start the first dish.

Simple Life review13 Mixed Fruit Tea, RM 15.90

Let me introduce you this colourful mushroom dish, “Kong Poh” Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Simple Life uses brown rice in their dish and this really appeal to me as brown rice is a healthier option and look more colourful than the normal white rice. If not mistaken this is Kong Poh Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a mimic of the Kong Poh Chicken and I must say the mushroom give a more springy texture compare to chicken. I had never tried Lion’s Mane mushroom and I must say this mushroom got me hook to it. Just indescribable how delicious it is! Definitely must try. The Kong Poh sauce were a little wet for our liking but the taste wise is still good. Reason we feel it a bit too wet because the mushroom batter become a bit too soggy and not much of the crunchiness maintained after it is soaked with the gravy. The cashew nut is a good addition as it give extra dimension on the texture. The sweet corn soup is tad too bland for us would prefer a little more sweetness from the corn. Salad were appetizing and I really love the peanut with sesame. I did not try the springroll so I can’t tell you if it is good.

Simple Life review18 “Kong Poh” Lion’s Mane Mushroom, RM 19.90

Next up is a rare dish, Pesto Sauce Spaghetti that might not be commonly found. I personally love pesto and I think it’s brilliant to pair it with fried shimeiji mushroom. I like that the spaghetti is fried to al-dente and the thick pesto sauce is really delicious. This is a dish where if you love it then you will else you will really hate the strong green flavour.

Simple Life review19 Pesto Sauce Spaghetti, RM 15.90

The third main dish I ordered was Seaweed Fried Rice is the star of the night. The fluffy eggy slice was really really delicious. The whole fried rice has a nice charred aroma from the ingredients like seaweed, eggs, cabbage and black bean. I think using black bean is more tastier than using green pea in fried rice. The purple and white cabbage make every spoon of the fried rice taste crunchy and fresh. Really a fantastic dish, remember to order this when you are in Simple Life.

Simple Life review17 Seaweed Fried Rice, RM 13.90

The we had a snack, Japanese Egg Roll. I can tell this egg roll is fresh and very crispy. Sadly it has wasabi sauce on it so I just can’t take it. I just swallow the whole thing down and trying to drink water to get rid of wasabi taste. I’m sorry I am just not into wasabi. If you do I bet you will like this egg roll.

Simple Life review20 Japanese Egg Roll, RM 11.90

All in all I really love the fact that Simple Life focus is making nutritious food using only natural and organic ingredients. The dish were good with an affordable price. I will definitely return to try out other food.

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