IOI City Mall @ Putrajaya Shopping Trip

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hey it’s only a day till Friday and weekend is really near!! So I thought of sharing on my recent shopping trip to IOI City Mall Putrajaya!! It was really fun shopping trip discovering many new things. There is quite a number of new stores that I have not seen in other place and enjoy window shopping around it. Of course I did purchase something but not really a lot just a few of them. I heard about this mall quite sometime ago but did not make my way there since it’s a distance from my home. So last weekend, I went for furniture shopping in Seri Kembangan area and since it’s quite near to go IOI mall from there so we decided to visit the mall. Also I saw some great deal on the furniture in two of the big mall there in conjunction with Hari Raya.

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So the first stall I went to visit is H&M. The H&M here doesn’t sell lingerie ( I was looking for a nighties) but has a HOME section. There are quite a number of item on sale from RM 2- RM 80. Saw a few cute decor item and candles (RM 5 - RM30) which is really pretty. Sorry I was rushing so no picture were taken.

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p/s: I feel it’s rather weird, all the shop in IOI mall doesn’t sell sleep wear or lingerie i.e H&M, Cotton On, Parkson, Tesco but there is XIXILI there. Oh well, if you know the reason to let me know why..I find it’s rather weird and kind of curious to find out why?


Next is we found Cielo Dolci, not a new shop but this Ice Cream shop is one of my favourite beside Haagen Daaz.In fact they sell Gelato Ice Cream. I always hunt for jackfruit flavour (one of the best flavour and it’s my favourite now) but have not bump into the flavour on all the day I visited Cielo Dolci (how sad right?) but not today, they have it!! Without hesitation, we ordered a scoop on a Charcoal Cone. Interesting cone flavour I would say, the flavour is quite unique but not very obvious. We like the cone to be slightly thinner as now it’s too hard to break it and it hurt my mouth’s hard palate. Oh and they have this rotating ice cream fridge so cute! Sorry I did not take a picture of this!



Then we went to Home Pro to checkout the furniture there.

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They have a lot of organizer and acrylic casing but not those I like (acrylic drawers). They do have the tray with trolley that I wanted in plastic form (cheaper than metal ones in IKEA).

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Inside it’s like a mini version of IKEA and cheaper too.. Also found some really nice toilet basin that has really nice English feel to it! There is also a few big furniture sold there like sofas, mattress, bed frame, wardrobe and etc. Paintings and electrical item also can be found here.


Index living sell a lot of imported item very similar to IKEA. They even made the furniture arrangement like how IKEA do! Their furniture are made in Thailand and thus I find their pricing very reasonable.

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They has a section call Romantic Sense featuring those English design bedroom set which I really like. Sadly, they are similar to IKEA where their bed size are slightly bigger thus you need to get your mattress and bed sheet from them if you want to buy their bed frame! I really like all the elegant English design furniture! I planning to buy the chest drawer and dressing table. hehe…

image picture taken from Index Living Catalogue


Oh and there is also Sport Direct, a shop from UK. This shop sell all the sport clothing and equipment at a discounted price. I find the pricing is more expensive compare to the one in UK. However, I do find the swim suit are pretty! You can go check them out if you looking for sport clothing. You might find some unique designs that are not available in other shop here in Malaysia.

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The last store is TESCO! Nothing new but the interior design here is really different. It has the design feel like those supermarket in Europe!! Had a fresh shopping experience here!


Interesting right all the shops here??? I did not expect this mall has so many interesting store and new item to explore!! If you have not visit this mall yet, this weekend make your way here… I am sure you will have a new shopping experience. Happy Shopping bye….

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