Honeymoon in Europe (Brief Updates)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ola….. I just wanna update something about my recent Honeymoon in Europe. I don’t know I just feel like writing about it out of a sudden. I have not share what happen to me just before my trip, I had a heart attack of my life not that physical heart attack but my organizer had to postpone my trip and I had made all arrangement and not able to postpone it. As a result, I have to plan the whole trip myself in 2week time instead of following the tour from my organizer. I was really depressed and worried during that period but I learn a lot of new things and that is an unforgettable experience. Well let’s not talk about that ok? I am glad that my Honeymoon in Europe is a success and we manage to go all places by our own and sleep in airport for 3 different day and survive carrying 2 big luggage, 1 small luggage, 1 backpack and one big handbag across all those long staircase! It’s really challenging but very fruitful trip!

So we went to 4 different country. First we stop at London. I study in UK before so going back to London bring me a lot of memoriessss…. I love UK life but honestly for travel, London city has nothing too fancy I feel, I prefer going to Scotland, Ireland or even Cambridge or Wales…. Or maybe I been there twice so I was not fascinated by it and this time we have only 1 day sightseeing and 1 day shopping so it was kinda rush. Thomas on the other hand was really fascinated by the building design, the peaceful Church and beautiful scenery along the bridge and river. So my favourite spot in London is the Parliament Square where you can sit down and enjoy the surrounding views which include Big Ben..


Look at how beautiful the skies is in summer..I changed my mind on travelling in summer after this trip.. I used to think it’s the worst season ever because it it hot but I find if you travel in early Summer you will be rewarded with breezy weather with bright sun and blue sky with cottony cloud!


and then we fly to Switzerland, my dream country… I dream of seeing snow, playing snow and most unexpected thing happens… Snowflakesss!! The magical moments of my life happens when I catch the first snowflake on my palm…. I jump in joy and keep saying OMG it’s Snowflakesss, Snowflakesss…They are real!!!


Switzerland is a really green and beautiful country… Anywhere or I would say any spot you stand you will be filled with peaceful green scenery!! Sad thing is everything in Switzerland is very expensive… Fret not later I will share with you how you can travel to Switzerland even when you are on budget. Here are some most beautiful scenery in Switzerland.

** Beware as you will be blown away by the beautiful scenery.. Don’t blame me if you plan to spend all your saving to fly to Switzerland now!!!
 Switzerland1_thumb Switzerland2_thumb



Then we move to Greece with beautiful people and the most warm sunset and most blue sea ever!! We love Mediterranean food a lot… The tomato flavour, the meat, the feta cheese and many more is just too delicious! The Blue Dome churches is everywhere in Santorini. We were like eh it’s here…oh there’s another one LOL… We took our pre-wedding picture there and it was amazing… We were surprised that it is not hot at all in Santorini but it is in Athens…. We were blown away by the windy weather and blue ocean in Santorini! Let me feed you with some historical picture from Athens and some blue ocean from Santorini & Mykonos!


All the remaining ruins in Athens..Most are destroyed, they are in process of re-building it based on the original blue print.


They said Santorini has the most beautiful Sunset… It’s true because the sun is so round and red…

The unbeatable blue ocean with cottony clouds!


The black beach…

One of the famous Blue Dome church, Ipapanti Church just near our hotel!


The famous caldera view.. To stay a night along this line cost a bomb!


and the most photograph Three Blue Dome Church in Oia!


and this is church in Mykonos, they have red dome instead… This is Paraportiani Church.


and last country is Spain. We love the food here but felt the architecture and museum were bit boring compared to beautiful scenery. If you asked me Spain is the country I would not return at least not to Barcelona. The unique architecture design along is not enough to feed my travel appetite. Nevertheless, Gaudi is a brilliant architect! His design is truly unique and one of a kind!

The house of Batllo that uses marine inspired design element.

It look much much nicer in real… A must visit…

Chimney made from pieces of different tiles colours…


The house of Mila Family, look at the wall of each window it had different painting…


All of below are chimneys but they look more like a unique statue…. Haha


More chimney design…


Alright I guess I better stop here.. But let me end this post with a picture of us! How could Honeymoon without our lovey dovey picture right! Nah here you go!

p/s: Picture taken using tripod shall update on a separate post on DIY Prewedding shoot later!

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Sorry that my brief update become longer than I intended to write…. I am truly happy and proud to make it to Europe once again. it’s  dream come true.. I never thought I would step foot in Europe again but we made it!! Hooray.. I will try to update the details of my trip so you guys can refer and make you way to Europe too! Goodbye for now muacks…

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