Fresh Code 7Days Detox Program Review

Friday, July 31, 2015

It’s not an easy task to slim down healthily and maintaining it. The only way is to eat healthily and regular exercise. I may be very busy most of the time so I am trying my very best to exercise but the least I can do is to eat healthily.

I have been trying to have more fruits and vegetables daily and I have also replace one of my daily meal with oat and salad only. At time when I work late and also due to stress from my body toxic level is getting high. Also the fact that we ate a lot of fried food in our recent treat when I came back my pimples pop out everywhere on my back and a whole row on my face! It was really terrible. Also I have move out from my family so the luxury of having fruit juice everyday is gone. My parents used to make juices for me daily but now that I move out I still trying to cope with my work schedule and also getting all furniture I do not have time to make juices daily.

I was introduced to Fresh Code Detox program and knowing that it is entirely made from natural ingredient (fruits and vegetables) without second thought I agree to it. I wanted to try detox program for sometime but I do not want those with chemical or those tea that made me go to toilet everyday and possibility of side effect…. Fresh Code 7day Detox program is using fruit and vegetable juices which is something I can eat without forcing myself, in fact I love them a lot. Also knowing that it will help clear my body system and thinking it might help my pimpless I really like the idea.

Fresh Code Detox Program1

My intention was never on the losing weight but I am happy if it can help. According to the staff I will be able to loose about 2kg without excercising and more if I workout consistently too. When I first meet the staff I asked so why do I need to buy the juices from Fresh Code instead of making myself beside it’s more convenient?
So here is why:
  • Fresh Code is using innovative technology - High Pressure Processing (HPP); a technique which food can be sterilized and preserved by applying high pressure instead of heat.HPP ensures the juice is safe to drink; at the same time, maintains the nutrients and the original flavors of the juice.
  • We can only obtain the optimum nutrient from the fruit if it is ripe. At home it’s hard to ensure the fruit ripe correctly but Fresh Code ensure all their fruit is ripened before extracting them not later than six hour. All juices are cold-pressured using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to kill harmful bacteria and preserve maximum nutrition and taste.
  • Freshcode HPP juice is without preservatives. Artificial colour or flavour, it is truly pure & natural
So this is what is up for your for the 7days of Detox program. It’s pretty fast and I am enjoying the process!


So let me bring you into what’s inside the package for all the 7 days Detox Program.

Day 1: Green Miracle

It’s my least favourite among all because it is all vegetable based. It contains Parsley, Pear, Brocolli and Lotus Root. I like eating vegetable but not drinking the juices as it has strong green taste which I can’t stand. This has also some fruits mixed in so there is a little bit sweetness in it and does not taste as green as what I expected. This particular juice helps to control blood pressure and boost immune system.

fresh code green miracle

Day 2 High Fiber Pineapple

Pineapple is one of my favourite fruit…. This one is quite thick but still taste sweet… I love it so much…It actually quite filling to my tummy as well. This juice is very good for digestion so don’t be surprise if you tend to go toilet more often after drinking this pineapple juice.

Fresh Code High fiber pineapple

Day 3: Passion Juice

Passion Juice is very good to help reduce risk of high cholestrol. Taste pretty good and I have no problem drinking it. This is not overly thick but means not so filling.. So you might need to have more food compare to other thicker juices.

Fresh Code passion juice

Day 4: Soursop

I loveeee soursop as a fruit but when it made into juices it taste differently. Not bad but just different… I prefer to eat it then drinking the juices. This juice also protect your body immune system and help to avoid deadly infections.

Fresh Code Soursop juice
Day 5: Tropicana Juice

I find this taste very similar to any Tropicana juice I can get in those pre-packed fruit juices. If not mistaken it contains pineapple, mango, passion fruit and banana.

Fresh Code Tropical mix juice

Day 6: Mango Juice

One of my favourite, Mango Juice!! It’s sweet, thick, chewy and aromatic!!! It feels like eating mashed mango! Mango has high level of fiber, pectin and vitamin C to help lower serum cholesterol levels.

Fresh Code MANGO juice

Day 7: Lychee Paradise

For last day you can opt for lychee or durian juice. I go for lychee because I only like to eat durian itself not the drinking the juices.Indeed drinking this Lychee juice feels like I’m in paradise already!It’s sweet and cooling….Feels good. It helps to improve blood flow in organs, reduce weight and protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Fresh Code lychee paradise

Honestly,I find it hard to keep track and drink at the specified time because I can very busy most of the time and might miss the drink just like how I miss the lunch…I love this detox program because it make my skin look more radiant and get to go toilet everyday without a miss (I used to have constipation problem).. Even though I’m very stress during that period but the pimple doesn’t  really pop out and my back acne were fine too… I’m impressed!!!

On weight loss side I can see i loss about 1kg or slightly more by just drinking the juices only. I did not do any additional workout simple because I am too busy!! I am trying to take out some time to go for swimming! I find it to be very convenient to drink these prepacked juices.. Just cut and pour into cup to drink. Only concern is the price is not cheap but totally understandable because they use only fruits and vege to make the juices whereby no water is added in the process. Imagine how many fruits in each pack (you can refer to below).

If you want to buy the whole family pack here are the prices.


If you want to buy them separately, here is the price of the individual pack.


Alright guys I think I have to end this post before it goes too long again!! Sorry for being a little long winded. Let me know how you feel about this, if you have try this Detox program ya?

p/s: Most photos were taken from Fresh Code FB, Lisa’s Blog & Jacqueline’s Blog.

Contact No: 03-7731 7628

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