May Shopping Haul

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Hi girls… Sorry I have mia for quite sometime… May was a roller coaster for me and thank god June seem to be a little bit better!! and today I will be flying abroad to Europe for our long awaited Honeymoon!!!!!!!!!


Weeeeeeeeeee…. So excited actually…. So before I board, I managed to squeeze in some time to upload this short video on my May Shopping Haul! I have been a little bit crazy over hats…. and some bikinis I got at RM 10 only! dirt cheap..You gotta checkout the video….

So I will only be back in July and might not be able to update this blog as much but I will do micro blogging on my instagram so follow me @cindytong86 if you have not!! Got to go for now.. I’ll be missing you guys!! XOXO

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