Remedies for Menstrual Cramp

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hey girlsss do you hate menstrual cramp like I do too?? I do really hate when it came at the wrong timing. For example during my oversea holiday, when I have whole day full of activities, on a working day and so on…. I can’t stand for long hours, feeling sleepy and have to go to toilet non stop on my first day. So today I share with you some of the things I do to make myself feel more comfortable and less pain.

1. Falling Asleep

Once I fell asleep, all pain is gone because I can’t feel anything when i am asleep. However, falling asleep is really hard when the cramp kicks in!! I have roll on bed for 30 minutes or more before falling asleep… To help falling asleep faster, I have a few ways which brings us to the next remedies.

2. Siang Pure Oil (Medicated Oil)

This oil is like a miracle. I can’t fall asleep without it. I use this not only when I am having menstrual cramp but also when I have headache, stomach ache, mosquito bites, when I am in airplane or car trying to fall asleep. It’s a cure for everything. I usually pour many drops on my tummy and rub it with my palm until it’s a little hot and then I proceed with using a warm pillow which is the next remedies! Oh just a note, you can’t buy it in Malaysia even if you saw them in shop in Malaysia they are usually fake… They don’t smell and feel the same with the one I got from Thailand. Every time my friend go to Thailand I will ask them to buy them for me. Usual I stock up half a dozen which will be finish by 1.5 years or longer.


3. Hot Pillow

Placing hot pillow on the tummy help to improve the blood circulation and somehow ease the cramp. You can also place on your back bone which can also ease the pain. but i like to place them on my tummy. There are two type of hot pillow available.

First is the rechargeable pillow which is the one I used often. This pillow can be charged and it will only takes few minutes. One thing I dislikes is it can be too hot and you need to put on top of your comforter or layer a cloth so that it’s not too hot.

WARNING: For the below hot pillow, use it with care, do not charge for more than 12 minutes, need to release the air after certain period of use, and advise not to use after 2 years. as per informed by one of the reader, Mr. Tan.


You can get this at LG, OUG Plaza (opposite of McDonald) for RM 15.


The next one is the one you need to fill in with hot water. This one is more work because you need to boil hot water and pour into the plastic case. One thing good is the temperature will be just nice.. Oh you also need to buy a casing for it if it does not come with one…

4. Panadol Menstrual Pill (Pain Killer)

You can take any sort of pain killer but for me this Panadol Menstrual Pill is good enough for me. If I am at work this pill is a must. If I am at home sometime I will skip this because many said this is not good for us if take too many. This pill definite helps ease the pain and make falling asleep much easier.

5. Hot Drinks

Lastly is to take hot drink as it help warm the tummy and somehow it make me feels better. Chocolate drink or milo is the best as they helps relax your muscle and makes you feel happier too!

Usually what i do is I take 2 panodol menstrual pill, apply Siang Pure Oil (lots of it, making sure it feels super minty),place the hot pillow (chargeable type) on top of my comforter, turn to left side and use bolster to hold the pillow in place and try to fall asleep. In between, I will also have the urge to go toilet so my toilet are squat type and for some reason it feels good squating too... The reason being, when I squat, pressure is applied on my tummy and create heat on it which help ease the pain. I feel s better after going toilet and then I can fall asleep easily with my hot pillow on.... If I am at work I will just take the pill and try to drink hot chocolate and hope time passed fast so i can go home earlier.

That’s it 5 remedies to help ease the menstrual cramp. Hope these tips help you calm your body and ease your pains kay? Do you have any remedies for this too? Share with me on comment below. See you again soon HUGS!

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