How to Remove Hair Stuck in Comb

Monday, May 18, 2015

I nearly chop off a portion of my fringe as I was trying to curl my hair using comb and hair dryer. You can laugh all you want… I look really funny in the mirror and totally embarassinggg… I think for a few minutes before I brave myself to walk down and get help from my mother….. So this is what exactly happen..

I just finish shower and I was blow drying my hair. The other day my stylist teach me how I can curl my hair using the comb. So I am excited to try it out. The first two time when I try were fine although it does not go through my hair very smooth but my hair have not got stuck in the comb until just now just before my dinner. My dad called for dinner, and I am half way blow drying… I decided to try curling my hair with the comb and hair dryer… When i release the comb from the curl I realize my hair got stuck… I getting panicked I pour water on my hair thinking it will be easier to removed… It doesn’t work…. I try to pull out the hair part by part but failed…. I brave myself and walk down to and ask for help from mum… I was devastated when my mum just tell me to use water and oil to remove it and she continued her dinner while I get back up trying to remove my hair from the comb…

I sit in front of mirror for 20minutes or so feeling really sad don’t know what else i can do…. I thought of going to salon but it’s late probably hair salon is closed… I thought of chopping my hair off since its a fringe but I am going to take prewedding picture next month and I cant let me hair to look uneven like that…. I try to calm down and remove strands by strands but it don’t seem to work….I almost gave up! Then mum came up and she help me up and thank goddddddddd….My hair is saved from being chopped offf… Feeling really thankful right now… So I am here to share with you how my hair got removed from the comb, so you will not go through the horrible moment I just did.

1. Do NOT wet your hair nor Apply any Oil to you hair

I got panicked and wet my hair… Then mum suggested to use oil, without second thought I go ahead then after a while I find the tangle got worst… So I use hair dryer in cold mode to dry my hair…… Do not use the hot mode to dry your hair, it will set your hair inside the comb instead of letting it to come out. So remember if you were panic like me and wet your hair just try them with cold air first before further steps.

2. Do not tug or pull

If you keep on tugging and pulling it will only end up pick more hair.
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3. Loosen your hair

So using a sharp item like a pointed comb or pen to slowly pick the hair out from the comb and loosen the tangle. It’s best to get someone to help because you can’t see the knot your hair make underneath the comb.

4. Pull a small section out slowly.

Take your time and pull strands of hair out slowly…Finding the ends of your hair then follow to the hair direction and slowly pick it out and pull till the whole hair strand/section is pulled out.

5. Wash your hair and put on conditioner and comb with a wide tooth comb

So your hair must look like grass now, so wet your hair and put on some conditioner and slowly run through with your fingers to untie the knot. To untie know pull the ends of on strands of hair caught in the knot not pulling the middle section of the knot. Then dry your hair like normal and comb with a wide tooth comb.. I use tangle teezer to comb my hair after and put some leave in hair conditioner.

p/s: You can also cut the comb if it’s a flat plastic comb. If it’s a huge comb or round comb, you have to cut the bristle which can be very hard.

I really hope this tips help you if you really caught in the same situation… Now I have to look for a new round comb that will not cause my hair to tangle and stuck in it. Let me know if you have good recommendation where to buy a good round comb. I am not sure yet if it was the comb or is it my technique… I shall find out with my hair stylist on my next visit…. For now I got to head to bed. Good night.

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