Watson Great Heroic Experience with Avengers

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yawnnnn kinda sleepy right now.. Need a cup of coffee to keep me awake…. This is all because I went for Avenger movie preview last night organized by Watson.

Avenger Ultron1

Met with all the Marvel’s Avengers characters in their full suit… They do look cool but not quite a like but you should catch them in Watson store to at least take a picture!! Me and Caroline quickly squeeze for photo opp with them before they went off…

Avenger Ultron

Avenger Ultron3

All shoppers and Watson VIP card member can meet the Marvel’s Avenger characters in selected Watsons’ stores nationwide . Shopper will be given opportunity to snap pictures with the 3D art floor sticker and be in the running to win some cool merchandise! You can also purchase the Limited Edition Watson VIP Card with  Marvel’s Avengers sticker that can personalised to your preference… OMG that is so cool!!! It only cost RM 20!!!!!! OMG I wanttttttt..and I know le boyfie sure want them too!!


Oh guess what you can also be in the running to win a lifetime trip to Seoul, West Hollywood, Italian Alps and New York City when you sign up or upgrade Watson’s VIP Member card with RM 80 purchase and above including one Listerine item! Let’s go for shopping now!!!


After dinner, finally Thomas arrived after a crazy jam at Federal… Excited to go in to watch Avengers…. Ermmm first the popcorn is rather soggy so I blame the popcorn for making my movie night so boring… On a side note I do feel this time it’s rather boring to watch… I could only see all the tiny robot flying everywhere being killed by Avengers… Yes there is a part where I never expect Vision to appear but still find the plot quite predictable… I am not going to say more so I don’t spoil your movie… Oh yes there is one after credit so don’t go off right after movie end… A picture of us after the movie to end this post..

Avenger Ultron4

Till then see you soon my love.. Bye Bye…


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