My Virgin Surfing Experience: How I got my head hit!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Last month, I was in Singapore for a month so I have plenty of time meeting up with friends… One of the week I text Suzanne to arrange for a meet up and she ask if I wanted to try surfing? Hell yes, it’s been on my bucket list for a long time. I have not found a surfmate yet so I have been waiting for years to do this…. We then decided to head to Wave House, Sentosa to practice our surfing skill. We took mrt and alight at Harbour Front station and move to Sentosa express inside Vivo city 3rd floor located beside food republic. We take the Sentosa express and alight at Beach station which is also the last station. Feeling really excited when we on our way to Wave House.

Here is my grumpy face waiting for buggy to arrive.. It will take us to Wave House so you don’t need to walk under the sun… Or you can walk to warm up your body…We are just being lazy!


The buggy will be picking up patrons at beach station opposite of Old Chang Kee stall.

image1 Suzanne getting ready for chilling buggy ride to Wave House

When we arrive we realize that it is closed for private function!!!! Dang…. So remember to give them a call or check their official website if they are open on the day you intend to go.

So feeling disappointed, we went to town for shopping… Then I told Suzanne to call them to confirm if they are open for public next Saturday…. Suzanne called but Wave House did not pick up, and we were screwed for second time… BUT not as bad…. Yes I blame you Suzanne for not calling few more times LOLzzzzzzz just joking… Dear Wave House why are you fully booked so fast?? We have to go to Flow Barrel (Intermediate Level) instead of Flow Rider (beginner Level). Beside the wave is stronger and higher it is also more expensive to surf in Flow Barrel. So I suggest you to book your next session right after you finish your current session to avoid being disappointed. Below is a price list for your reference.
image This is how Flow Rider look like….


and this is Flow Barrel!! Much much tougher!!!!!!! Sweatt!!!


Here is my surfing OOTD!!!


Here's me learning surfing for the first time….You can see my leg is shaking....HAHAHA!


I feel so so scared not because of the wave or not being able to stand.. But if I fall I will be hit by the strong wave high up before pushing backward to another side of the pool (see below picture, the wave is crazy huge and strong)

When i fall, the wave will push me from right to the left…. Before my first fall, the fear to be pushed by the wave is crazy… It got me shaking and screaming…. After the first fall, experiencing being pushed to the side I feel much calm and I can focus more on my posture… We did 30 minutes at Flow Barrel and mind you this doesn’t means the whole 30 minutes is for you… In the 30 minutes you have to take turn with other surfer with maximum 5/6 of them in each session. I get about 3 to 4 time in that 30 minutes period. It’s really hard to learn at Flow Barrel because the wave is very strong even though they tune it down… and for the first 30 minutes I only able to learn body boarding which is relatively easy and only learn standing on my board with hand support from the instructor.

clip_image002me mastering body boarding

then we plan to return the next Wednesday because they have Wednesday 1 for 1 promotion. This means you get 1 hour free for the 1 hour session you purchased. For food and drink are the same too…. However, do take note the free food must be of similar type and flavour. For example, you order a Fish & Chip you get free Fish & Chip or if you order Orange Juice you will also be getting Orange Juice.


So my second surfing session were in Flow Rider which is much more easier to control and balance. When flow boarding it’s important to keep your back straight and slightly bend your knee and arm at a L shape position to keep your body balance.

image Me finally able to stand on my own

The first instructor guide me from the side and slowly going in.. I feel this is a very good way to learn to balance and moving around with the surf board. The second instructor ask to start from the middle and the wave is really strong there… I could not even hold on to the rope and flew off, pushed by the wave up to the top part of the pool. Second time with the same instructor still starting from the middle and this time tragic happen… As the wave push me up the surf board follow and flip up and hit straight on my forehead!!! I did curl up my body and cover my face with my arm but not the forehead.... sigh....My head get swollen fast with a big swell bulging out! It hurt like crazy…My tears falling like a water pipe…. My leg was shaking, fear to go on flow boarding again… The moment where my head got hit keep running on my head! It took me 2 to three time to forget the pain and flow board like normal again…

*** Tips: Curl up your body as much as you can and cover your head with your arms!


Okay I still can smile so means I am alright!! When I got back home, my swell does not subside yet and dad decided to help use the medicated oil to help massage it so the clogged blood can flow through…. M*ther F**ker it hurts like shit… I have never felt this pain before… I feel it’s like giving birth (just saying, I have not give birth before)… I cry and scream like helll…. OMG it’s still so painful at the moment…

You can also checkout our funny surfing moment in below video taken by Suzanne!

Well but I never regret taking this up! At least now I can finally balance my body and stand on surf board on my one after the 2 hour session!! It’s an experience I never forget.. I was talking to another friend yesterday she said it’s better to learn at the beach.. So hopefully I can surf on the beach the next round….

Here is me after the 2 hour session enjoying the Raspberry smoothies....

p/s: Suzanne thank you for bringing me to flow boarding a.k.a surfing..

For more info on Wave House please refer to their official website.

I got to put a full stop now.. Hope you guys have a splendid day ahead!!! Muackssss!


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