Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick Review

Thursday, April 02, 2015

You know I am super duper excited to share with you this new Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick I got it from my friend, Sara from French. If you are reading this post, thank you so so much for getting me these……I have been longing to try this lipstick for a very long time after reading so many beauty blogger and vlogger saying how awesome are they. It’s a dream of mine to own at least one of them as they look so gorgeous like a purple unicorn lipstick There are high end type which means more expensive and thus I did not buy them yet but thanks to Sara for getting me these. So let me present to you the beautiful Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick20

Product Info
Product Name : Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick
Net Weight : 3.5g
Price : USD 18
Where to Buy : Lime Crime Website (International) **Lime Crime Website is down temporary as of 20 Feb 2015

Have you fall in love with it already? Or you already did and now you actually clicking away to purchase them?? I must say the packaging is beyond wordsss.. The bright purple with the silver unicorn is so so beautiful!!!!! The glossy finish of the lipstick bottle makes it look really expensive so you do feel it’s worth every penny you put in. The unicorn makes me feel like I getting something from the fairytale world. How magical?

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick9

This is part of the Candyfuture collection. This collection feature the opaque colour finish with creamy consistency that is long wearing & non-drying. All Lime Crime product are Vegan & Cruelty free.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick10

I receive two colour which is Great Pink Planet & Countessa Fluorescent. Both colour are from the same collection but have a different consistency when apply on lip.

Lime Crime countessa fluorescent swatch

The Countessa Fluorescent is a cool tone hot pink which gives a creamy matte finishing. It’s a very sharp and bright colour. I have to ensure my face is in full makeup in order to wear this colour. This colour has higher consistency compare to Great Pink Planet but that also means it can be more drier. It can be tricky to apply this lipstick as it also has creamy formula, you need to swipe at on direction so that it doesn’t settle onto you lips line. Most importantly is you have to prep your lip before applying. Scrub your lip and apply lip balm. Then use a tissue to blot excess lip balm right before applying. Also I recommend priming your lip with a light foundation to prepare a nude base. Alternatively you can use a nude lipstick but I find foundation is lighter and does not make the finishing look too thick.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick11

I find this not as drying as those matte lip lacquer but still more drying than my other cream based lipstick. I personally think this colour suit those with fair skin and not too hard to pair with makeup. Just ensure the rest of the face are not too smokey or dark, anything sweet will match this lipstick well. I love this colour as it has a hint of neon over my other lipstick with similar shade. This is like an upgraded colour version of my Wet & Wild Balm Stain in A Stiff Pink or Collection Cosmetic Urbanista Lip Crayon in Weekend Wild. This colour look very light when zoom in but in overall it look less pale in colour.

Lime Crime lipstick countessa fluorescent review Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Countessa Fluorescent 
Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick1

The next colour is Great Pink Planet which is very hard to pair colour. It’s much much more lighter than Countessa Fluorescent and has more purple undertone in it. It also has more neon effect which look overly bright on my lip. Good thing is this colour is more creamy so not as drying than the earlier one but it can be harder to apply as it will move on the lip which will settle to lines if not apply appropriately.  Also the step to prep the lip as mentioned above applies to this colour as well. Make sure you scrub your lipss.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick12

I love how unique this colour is although it’s hard to play with but challenges can be fun sometime (NOT everytime, maybe not at work). I have not found a nice eye colour to go with this yet… Once I do I shall update here!

Lime Crime lipstick great pink planet review
 Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Great Pink Planet

All in all I love this Lime Crime Lipstick so much but most point goes to the packaging and the opaque colour. The colour is very opaque, one layer is sufficient but I tend to apply few more layer trying to avoid the lipstick to settle as line. I think this two colour is rather bright so can be hard to apply probably a darker colour will look nicer. I only wear the Countessa Fluorescent out and it last for hours even after eating most of the product is still intact. After a while it can be dry on my lip but not as dry as matte lip lacquer. Well, my lips are really dry and chapped easily so can’t blame the lipstick formula alone. I still find for the colour opacity, the dryness is quite bearable as lip lacquer can be worst.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick5 Excuse my dry lip, this is after about 5hours out + eating buffet meal.

They have another 13more colours to choose from including those unique colour like mint, blue, purple and black.So i kinda apply few more layer to smoothen the finishing. Sad thing is this is not available in Malaysia but I believe you can purchase them online or start a Beautyswap with someone from USA like I do. Wanna know how you can join a Beauty Swap? Full guideline here. So any of you own a Lime Crime Lipstick too?? Let me know in comment below.. Got to go muackksss


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