Universal Studio Singapore Express Pass & Guidelines

Monday, March 30, 2015

Remember my trip to Singapore in November last year? Me and the girls went to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) to ride all the exciting rides and also to snap picture with Minions & Transformers and off course other character too la…. The first thing we do is to get a map so that we know our way and finish as many rides as possible. This is my second time visiting USS and I am still very excited to try all the rides!

singapore37 Us before entering to USS

and next thing is to snap picture with the USS globe, quite lame cause everyone will definitely take this shot! So we follow too!!!!!!! We just being mainstream LOL…


and we look at the map and trying to search for rides with express lane. Then we found all the express logo was located at the souvenir store. We began to wonder why does buying souvenir need express pass? So many people want to buy souvenir meh?? We had not realize the real meaning of the “Express” logo on the map and start cursing because of the extra money we have to pay for the express is totally not worthy for just one ride (Amber Rock Climb). I know you gonna laugh at us, just go on and laugh as we couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves too. Those logo actually mean the location where you can get your express pass in case the queue is too long and you decided to purchase express pass when you are in the park…. Luckily we didn’t go and question the staff on this…It will be an awkward embarrassing moment!

I think if you plan to visit USS during the weekend, express pass is highly recommended as the queue can be crazy long. If it during the weekday I think with normal pass will be alright as park is not too big and weekday will be less crowded so you can finish all the ride if you start early in the morning is possible. The express pass allows you to go to the express lane for Once which can be empty or sometime with a few people in front of you queuing.  Most of the time the express lane are empty except those famous ride like Revenge of the Mummy & Transformer. For universal pass you get to go into express lane for unlimited time, as many as you like. I think the universal pass is not necessary unless if you are crazy about the rides and want to ride for few more time.

Normal Pass: SGD74
Express Pass: SGD 104 for weekdays & SGD 124 for Weekend
Universal Express Pass: SGD 144

Now let me share with you the things we do inside the park and share with you some tips too! We start by going to Madagascar. Basically this park are more for kids. The rides are pretty mild just like touring a jungle. You can queue and take picture with Madagascar family but we skip it as we worry we won’t have enough time to cover all.

uss madagascar

Touring the jungle…


and then to Merry Go Run…feel like a kid again!

uss madagascar1

The we head to Far Far Away park! This is all about the Shrek movie.
 singapore52 Shrek’s house

singapore54 The Castle…


us inside the theatre… This is where we watch a short clip about Shrek in 4-D. Quite boring I feel…Probably because I have watch this for the second time.


There is another mini roller coaster which is quite fun and the excitement rate is not too high so if you scared of crazy roller coaster you can try this one as I think it's quite alright. Also another train tour which is quite boring in my opinion.

Then we move to The Lost World (Jurassic Park). This park look pretty old!!


Oh I want these bottle!


We took this Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure and it’s a water ride… Be prepared to get water splash, I advise you to wear flip-flop as water tend to goes in at the bottom. You don’t need a raincoat for this.


We also took this Canopy Flyer, it was fun but we find it too short and quick… We were like oh that’s it?


Then to the Ancient Egypt Park. The park where you can snap a lot of nice picture of the building architecture and the historical carvings. Okay I didn’t take much picture here as we are quite tired and I have been here before nothing much has change.


The Revenge of Mummy Ride is a must!! It’s super crazy amazing.. Oh this is not for those who can’t take heart attack! Oh they is quite a number of unique and beautiful souvenir in this park, so remember to grab a few for your family and friends.

singapore64 some of the miniatures

Moving on to our most awaited park Sci-Fi where the transformer fixture is located.

Alright, this is the Transformer Fixture that you must take picture with.. There will be a short queue but won’t take more than 5minute.


When we reach here, we were so hungry that we decided to take a break and have our lunch. The chicken taste alright but it’s consider expensive to me… I suggest you to take you meal at Hollywood Park. I find the food there is way cheaper and more delicious too..

singapore70 Chicken Teriyaki with Fried rice, SGD 15.90 

We wanted to try the Galactic Cylon & Human roller coaster so badly but it was closed again. Honestly this is the main reason we want to go USS… Well better luck next time.


Oh the souvenir store in this Sci-Fi park is a must visit.. Those transformer miniature look so awesome and many other transformer souvenir also look amazing!

transformer miniature uss

The Ultimate 3D Battle ride a.k.a Transformer Ride is so so so amazing!! I so wish to ride for second time!!! No matter what you must not skip this. It’s a 3D motion rides which will make your jaw drop!!

Moving the last park, Hollywood. This park are mostly for photo taking.


There will be some dancing performance and also sesame street performance too…


We went into the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride.


Inside we see beautiful design with cool animatronics inside the space.

singapore100 Inside the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride.

sesame street ride uss Inside the Sesame Street ride

Also here is where you should dine! Great value meal set!


The Jukebox player restaurant!


Nicole bought a slice of huge pizza for SGD 9.90 at the Pizza Parlour.. Definitely more worthy than my teriyaki chicken!

image  picture courtesy of Nicole

and we also went to the theatre room where they show us the behind the scene of those Big action movie we always watch in cinema! The souvenir store of sesame street and minions is a must visit!!!!! There are just too adorable to skip!

sesame street souvenir store uss

and here we go to the minion store!

singapore116 with my unicorn plushie

image picture courtesy of Nicole

Before I end this post here is us with the cute minions!! Bananaaaaaaaaa…..

minions uss

I shall see you in next post real soon!! Poopaye! and Tank yu for reading my post!! Tulaliloo ti amo!

Disclaimer: The USS past is sponsored for review consideration. No other compensation was provided. All photos and content are of my own and based on my experience.


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