Shopping Haul from Oasap & Asos using ShopVenture

Monday, March 09, 2015

Good morning from Singapore!! How you girls been doing? I am really missing home can’t wait to go home! Meanwhile, I have been very boring alone here so I been shopping online a lot…. Sometime shopping from the screen can be very risky. You will never know if the item look the same when you first saw it from the screen, heck you don’t even know if item will arrive at your doorstep. My number one concern when buying stuff online is the sizing and quality.

I am eyeing for Oasap for a long time but dare not make purchase yet as I am not sure about the quality. None of my friend had buy from them before!! I am really sceptical about it. Oasap is a Hong Kong Online Shopping store that ship internationally. They have a wide range of sizes, great for plusize like me! What I love about Oasap is that they provide free International shipping, shipping can cost a bomb!


I was introduced to ShopVenture a online shopping review website. Here you can search real shopping experience from shopper on the online store, blogshop or any online shopping website you intended to buy from. Shopper will put their review on ShopVenture to share their experience shopping with the online store. ShopVenture enable me to access to various review from many other shopaholics which help me make right decision whether to make purchases.


I was surprised that there a lot of online shopping store in their list. Not only on those big online shop but ShopVenture also provide review on those local blogshop from Singapore & Malaysia. Look only on alphabet “A” the list is so long….. They have review for online shop from around the world.


I wanted to buy a boot for a long time and I can’t find my size on any physical store in Malaysia. So I thought of getting it from Asos but really worried it won’t fit!! I found this review from Shop Venture which I thought okie let’s give it a try since Chloe mention the size fit true to size!


When you click into the store you can see rating on the overall rating for quality, delivery, customer service and price too. Very helpful when making purchases!


and here’s Oasap review on Shop Venture.

Oasap’s delivery and quality of product is pretty good! and wow customer service is very good! Here is one of the review on Oasap store…


So here’s I put up a OOTD featuring all the items I purchased from Oasap & Asos. Since it’s spring now I made the top and bottom pretty colourful and let the bag and boot in black to give a little attitude to the fun colours!

 oasap (1)

Blazer from Oasap
Floral Crop Top from Forever 21
Short from Asos
Ankle Boot from Asos
Bag from Oasap

oasap (2)

I am happy that the item from Oasap arrived so fast even it’s during Chinese New year! However the quality of the blazer is quite poor. I have leave my experience shopping with Asos in ShopVenture hopeful can help out other shopper too!

oasap (3)
I really like the bag especially the leather texture as well as the internal lining… Sadly the zip is not so smooth! Booth from Asos was amazing!! The size fit perfectly and the inside of the foot come with soft padding makes walking in it really comfortable!!!!
oasap (4)

So girls remember to checkout ShopVenture whenever you want to purchase your fashion pieces online!! Gotta go nowww!! Enjoy your shopping ya!


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