Robata Robata Buffet @ Jurong Westgate Review

Friday, March 13, 2015

Hey girls thought I do a quick update on the Japanese Grill buffet I had yesterday…. It was pretty good to be honest but cause I am facing some issue here and currently kinda depressed so I feel crap eating anything…. It’s just another terrible phase in my life that I need to pass through.. I hope when I return to KL i will recover from all this and will know what to do. Ok crap aside let’s us get back to Robata Robata. A day before I went to Todai and honestly Todai food selection was massive but yes more pricey but hey they have Alaskan Crab. On the other hand Robata Robata focus more on the grill selection.  There is assorted of grill food and teppanyaki is available too. I find it overall taste are pretty good but selection are very limited. Priced at SGD 34.90 for Mon –Thu dinner I think the price was alright being there is sashimi and also fresh oyster. However, the taste not so fantastic I do feel Todai is better or the Japanese Buffet at Miramar hotel taste better too. Now let me show you some pictures…

Alright the salad is very delicious!! The shrimp cocktail salad is a must! So tangy and fresh! Even their wafu dressing over fresh garden salad were very delicious too. Fresh oyster is tad too small and thin… Not the plump type of oyster… Sashimi was alright nothing too fantastic…

robata robata japanese buffet2

The grill scallop is way too good!! Coat with generous mentai sauce!

robata robata japanese buffet3

The scallop is super huge and plump scallop!! You have to order using the wooden peg provided.

robata robata japanese buffet6

Urghh tempura was a let down.. Give it a skip.. So does the pasta and garlic fried rice.. Stew beef was alright but nothing too good. The grilled oyster with dried spinach were so delicious.. The creammy cheese on top was so yummy.

robata robata japanese buffet1

Miso Soup is flavourful and filled with vegetables, mushroom and Salmon.

robata robata japanese buffet4

Shio Sanma was a little over grilled I think, making it a tad bit too bitter especially the skin.. (Miramar version is so much better)

robata robata japanese buffet5

Special menu is Hainan Chicken Rice.. A great twist from all the Japanese dish… However this taste pretty normal…Nothing to scream about.

robata robata japanese buffet7

There’s also chawan mushi! Feel happy to see them!!! Taste pretty good but not soft and wobbly enough.

robata robata japanese buffet8

Waffle were the thin type which suppose to be crunchy but it’s not even fresh from the waffle maker.

robata robata japanese buffet9

The ice cream comes in 8 flavours including raspberry, chocolate, matcha, mango, yam and etc. I like the matcha as it’s not too sweet but does not have strong match flavour quite mild compare to other I tried.

robata robata japanese buffet10

If you love grill food you should try Robata Robata but if you want fresh sashimi, sushi and other Japanese food go to the one in Miramar. So that’s all from me.. I can’t wait to go home … I really missed home…. Bye Bye!

For reservations, please contact us at +656465 9668

WestGate Mall
3 Gateway Drive #03-10/11
Singapore 608532
Opening Hours



11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(Last top-up at 2.15pm)
Adult: 22.90++
Child: 13.90++
11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(Last top-up at 2.15pm)

Adult: 26.90++
Child: 16.90++



6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
(Last top-up at 9.15pm)

Adult: 34.90++
Child: 16.90++
Senior Citizen: 31.90++
Family Dinner Package (2 Adults + 1 Child): 78.90++ (U.P. 86.70++)
2nd Child onwards: $12.90++


5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
(Last top-up at 9.15pm)
Adult: 39.90++
Child: 19.90++
Senior Citizen: 35.90++


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