Red Killer Heel

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Tell me what do you do when you are bored?? I will go browse all the online store to feed my eyes and most of the time my hand will be itchy enough to click buy! So yesterday I was really bored at work and couldn’t resist to take a peek at to look for a Red Killer Heel. I have many heels but those strappy one are all spoiled and I have not have a Red Heel before and been dying to look for one red strappy heel….

I saw this super edgy gladiator sandal heel!! Love it sooo much!! Sadly don’t have my size! It’s only selling at RM 40 !!WHAT?? So cheap but don’t have size why????


Then I saw this Kitten Heel in houndstooth pattern with T-Bar looking cute!!! Temptinggggg!! Again sizes not for me…. >__<
Oh also found this suede leather finish cutout stilettos…. I love the unique cutout design!
Then found this peep toe pump in deep red… I find it too mature for my liking…

and finallllyyyy I found this Red Infinity Strappy Heel….. It’s the one I am looking for… It’s so gorgeoussss!!!!! I love it so so much!!! Should I buy it????? I think I want to get this ler!! Also the price not too expensive right?? Tempting!!!

oh between I found this Zalora Coupon Code that you can use. So you can save up and maybe can buy one additional item. You can check them out at

Let me know in the comment box if I should buy the red heels ya??? and do share with me what you been shopping lately!! Tag me on your instagram I love to see your haul!

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