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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

 “Two Souls, but a single thought
Two Hearts, that beats as one”

Wedding is special and significant moment in life that one would preserve those amazing memories of the special day where you are truly one with the person you love and a beautiful wedding photo book to commemorate the special occasion. Hence we’re back with another series of DIY pre wedding photo album. During in between takes of our DIY series (you can read our pass DIY prewedding project here), there are many raw emotion captured through the shoot and in turn etched into the album.

holy matrimony

Whilst we’re on a quest to secure a printing company, chance upon this website here called Foto-Zzoom. The site offers a wide range of service and the photobook section had caught our attention. There is a list of theme of every occasion that would appeal to many and we were stoked.

The website is surprisingly easy to navigate through as the interface menu is on the side bar that would allow the user to pick the theme and we had picked the wedding photobook. They have many themes to choose from which is simply great. After running through, we pick the theme and select the type of book we preferred. There is a few selection for types and sizes for general selection.

Foto-Zzoom (Select)
Selecting the theme
Subsequently we’re prompt to fill the album details to further selection on the preferred standard or a more premium type. A click here and type there, and upload all the preferred picture we are done! How fast  and easy! I remember it used to take hours or days in arranging photos,  designing the album layout but now Foto-Zzoom will do the part so we only takes minutes to complete the album printing order.

Foto-Zzoom (Select-Upload)
Album details

Next we would need to fill the delivery address and payment method which is available via 3 types of method payment such as bank transfer, credit card and cash on delivery (COD). After we are through with that, it’s time to upload all those lovely pictures. There is a requirement of minimum 60 photo and size of the file as stated to upload in order to proceed to the order process.

Foto-Zzoom (Select-Upload Details)
Upload & Payment details
Foto-Zzoom (Select-Upload Details) Complete
Upload complete
After meeting all the requirement and steadily waiting for the upload to complete which takes about 9 – 10 mins and it is subjective to the internet connectivity speed, we had complete the upload and ready to order. The confirmation email will be sent to the email address given for the order details which we’ll just need to sit back and relax to await for the album to arrive. We are very happy with the fast process as we do not need to take time to arrange the picture in place as Foto-Zzoom will do the job!

Foto-Zzoom (Confirmation)
Confirmation details

After 4 days, they had sent an email confirmation that the album is ready to be delivered and it is schedule for the following day. We were excited to see the outcome of the album. The album is delivered through one of their shipping agent and the packaging is nicely wrapped around to avoid any incidental damage. Looking on the box, our curiosity had grown more to excited.

What is in the box?
We unravel the content which packed in a protective bubble wrap and saw the front cover in vivid colour.

Wrapped album
We were impressed with the quality of the album book as the front is hard cover along with back cover. The pages feels thick very similar to magazine paper texture but way thicker and not the regular colour print which might distort the quality of the photo. The presentation of the album is impressive with minimalistic edit and the photo arrangement looks great. Initially was worried how the arrangement turned out since we did not arrange these picture but was really happy with the final outcome.

Album cover
Album pages
Album photos
It was truly a trip down to memory lane as we scrolled through each of those photos. The colour essence is maintained without sacrificing the quality which is admirable. Undoubtedly our question and concern is addressed by the album which is a definite worth considering if you have in mind to DIY wedding photo shoot print and it might help save for the planning of the wedding as there is a wedding promo running which might be just the thing you need.

Wedding promo
Wedding promo

Our only comment is that we love the album to have a laminate layer on top which will further enhance the quality of the album and can protect the colour of the album from fading. In conclusion, we really love the quick process in printing the album as we just need to select picture and upload. Not required to edit or design the arrangement at all. So go on ahead and check out their website to create your very album photo of memories.
Our album photo

For more details, do check out their website:-

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