Orange Copper Hair Colour

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I just dyed my hair weeks ago… My previous ashy + purple colour hair fade pretty fast… Well pretty ashy colour usually don’t last compare to those darker tones ones.

ash hair colour9 My dream ashy colour hair

So I went and dye my hair back to the common brown-ish colour… I am happy with few months of carrying that ash colour. Truth to be told that colour can be harder to manage then any other colour…. This time i went back to Frank Salon to dye my hair… Where else would I go right? If you want to know more about Frank Salon you can read my previous post, which I will link them at the end of this post. So I sat on the chair and tell Frank please choose a colour for me that are not to light nor too dark. A little wild but not too much as I still wanna keep my job. I am a little bit worried but well for all pass hair makeover Frank work has proven to be fantastic so nothing to worry actually… Below are the pictures of the final colour of my hair!!

Right after hair colouring process still in the salon!!

 frank salon hair colour1

frank salon hair colour2

and these are right after I reach home!!

frank salon hair colour5

This below pic I was trying out my blurred lip trend and posted it up on my FB & Insta ……BANNNGGG, so many of my friends compliment this new hair colour!! I really love all Frank’s creation. He never failed to amaze me. Most importantly my hair are still in good condition after the last bleach!!!! Honestly my hair has damage after bleaching (if I said no that would mean I am lying) but it’s not as damaging as the bleaching I do elsewhere and the damage was really minimal…Not much dry ends just fizzy hair and some tangle here and there.

frank salon hair colour6

imageafter a week the orange kind of fade and it look more copper…

frank salon hair colour3

and recently about two week my hair left with no orange tone at alll only copper…

frank salon hair colour4  
This was my first time doing a little orange or red tone kind of hair… Usually I avoid this colour at all cost… I was surprised this colour look so good on me…. Sadly it only last for a month before fading away…. So are you ready for CNY? I might be going back to Frank Salon for touch up before CNY if I have time…… What colour you plan to do to usher into Chinese New Year? Tell me about it in the comment  below… I love to read and see the picture of your hair makeover if you have done it… Till then bye bye!
Frank Salon
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar south,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact No: 03-2242 3109
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