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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I was introduce to Nasse Bra from a friend of mine. At first I didn’t find anything fancy about it. Just another online bra shop I guess… Then I drop by the physical store to take a look at their famous memory foam bra since their shop is located at Cheras Sentral which is very near to my house and I am impressed! I have never seen a memory bra nor trying one before… I shall tell you more about this memory bra later on.

nasse bra review13


A little introduction on Nasse before I show you which Bra I picked from their shop.

Nasse is your next generation undergarment manufacturer from Malaysia and China.  We have over 20 years of manufacturing experience which put us one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.  We use superior and most innovative fabric to create fashionable designs and yet the most comfortable undergarment in the industry.  Nasse believes style should not be compromising with comfort.We have innovative and talented designers to create stylist undergarment for different ages, male and female; whether you are looking for a sexy lingerie outfit to impress your partner, or a comfortable day to day undergarment; we’ve got you covered.
The ambassador for Nasse is non other than Jacy Wu, popular lounge singer in Taiwan and also model and spokesperson for many other products. Love the leopard print bra on her…Look so seductive and sexy!


Nasse has only one store for now, but they can be purchased online too… Their website is very user friendly and have high resolution of their product detailed picture for easy viewing. Their lingerie are made from high quality fabric known as SetaDermis fabric, most advance fabric; in the garment industry. SetaDermis has an adhesive protein which helps to maintain moisture and increase elasticity. In addition, it can also resists free radicals and protects skin from harmful UV rays. Isn’t it interesting? It’s feel like lingerie’s fabric can produce benefit like skincare do? WOW WOW… I am so excited to try it!!!! Well I tried it already pun….. but just once… I’ll share more on my experience later on…


You can checkout this link to find out more about SetaDermis Fabric.


Remember I mentioned about memory foam?? You asked what so special about it? Have you heard of memory foam pillow? It’s similar and thus has the equal benefit. The Memory bra has revolutionary high-tech memory foam cups that mould perfectly to the woman's curves, thus fitting her individual, unique body shape. It makes cleavage fabulously seductive! It moves with the woman's body and feels natural, like second skin! The memory foam unlike the usual foam which will deform when pressed instead it will return to it’s original moulded shape.


They also ensure their product are genuine.Each product come with Anti-Forgery label that is not possible to be duplicate…

nasse bra review28 originality guaranteed

Shop Tour & Product Info

Their memory bra comes in three design. One design come with a full piece of memory foam while others come in two separated foam to fit into the cup. Now you can see the below one, Stress Free 3/4 Memory Bra where by the foam is in one piece. This design has a bigger cup size design thus more suitable for those with bigger cup. Also the sponge is more comfortable then another design.


This design come in 3 colour coral pink, black and nude.

nasse bra review3

Another design has a smaller cup design which is more suitable for me….. >< yeah I don’t have big cup size…shyyyy….. This one also comfortable but not as comfortable as the earlier design. I got this design instead of that design because this size suit me more… This design come in nude and black colour. I shall talk about this more in later part of this post.

nasse bra review5

The third design is this 5/8 Memory Push Up Bra come with Seductive Hipster panty.


The 5/8 Memory Push up bra also come with Leopard Print using High-tech “digital print”. The delicate leopard printing lace stark contrast to the perfect combination wild and sexy body!

If you want to purchase just the common bra you see in the market, Nasse also selling these bra in various design that will suit everyone taste.

nasse bra review4

They also sell various design of panties. The one made from cotton and also SetaDermis fabric. Comes in high waist, low waist, seamless and many more.

nasse bra review7

In addition, they also sell this amazingly comfy and cooling free cut fabric T- shirt. These shirt does not have any binding in between arm and shoulder area so comfy level is max! Also it’s seamless so you can imagine how comfy these shirts are. Best for wearing to sleep or for sport as they can absorb sweat very well.

nasse bra review15 for women
nasse bra review14 for men

Memory Bra Experience

Alright I have try out this new Memory Bra I got myself. I really love the memory foam softness, it’s different than any other bra I tried so far. Also the SetaDermis fabric feel so smooth on my skin!

nasse bra review23
I also love the support the bra gave as it has thicker bra strap and also thick bust band.

nasse bra review26 the thick bust band for full support
Look there is also inner rim support for side of my bust! Amazing support!! I find this bra push up (as in the sponge thickness for the push up) suit me well because it’s not too thick as I can’t breath when the sponge is too thick. This push up just sufficient to push up my bust a little making me my bust look full and in a good shape without suffocating me.

nasse bra review27

It has a simple yet feminine and sexy design. The embroidery lace exudes femininity and sexiness to the bra and panty. This lace are those lace use to make wedding gown thus is has very high quality and look very 3D compare to the normal lace we usually see in the market.

nasse bra review24

I really love this bra support but the support can make me feel a little uncomfortable as it forcing some of my loose flesh back in shape. I feel like something pushing me…LOL….But I must say the support make my bust look so much better and i feel more confidence wearing it… Can you see the difference after wearing memory bra??? Confidence level boost up!

Also, memory foam can be a little warmer compare to normal foam but it’s definitely more soft and you need not to worry that the shape will run off. I will have to wear this for few more time to see how it feel on my bust maybe after few time of wearing my body will feel more used to the support as my all other bra doesn’t have a full support. I’ll update here later after trying few more time.

nasse bra review20 Me wearing Memory Bra!
I think that’s all from me today, hope you find this post informational. See you again tomorrow. Bye Bye….

For more info and to buy any of Nasse product online please checkout: and follow them on FB & Insta for latest updates.

You can also visit their stores at the following address:

700-UG-42, Cheras Sentral (above Old Town White Coffee),
KM 10, Off Jalan Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur 56000,
Contact No: 011-1281 4929

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