Lapureté Wakame Starter Pack review

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Good Morning loveliesss… How many of you love product made from natural ingredients? Put your hands up or feet if you do! Alright my hands and feet is up in the air now! LOL…. I was so happy to receive this starter pack as I am a big fan of skincare from New Zealand because they are made from the finest rare ingredient only found in New Zealand. This new brand Lapureté focus on producing skincare to prevent aging sign using the natural ingredients found on earth.

lapurete wakame review1

The Wakame range using the Wakame Seaweed also known as ‘Beauty Preserver’ which is being used by Japanese woman for many years leaving their skin looking radiant and youthful. Wakame plant produces a subtance called a fucoidan to survive in its harsh marine environment. This substance is so powerful in protecting the plant that Wakame out competes virtually all other plants. This ‘super plant’ is one of the most nutrient dense plants in the world and a rich source of Iodine, Zinc, Calcium (13x greater than milk), Iron, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and C. The scientist in Australia has provent that this plant can protect our skin from the first sign of anti ageing.

image Wakame Seaweed

Lapureté Wakame Starter Pack, RM159.00 

I got the starter kit that come with cleanser & toner, lotion and eye cream and a cleansing cloth to try on for a few weeks now. I tend to attracted to any packaging in blue color which gives me a cooling and fresh feeling. I was pretty excited to try this on because the staff told me even though this is cream it’s not oily and suitable for all skin type. You know me, I usually avoid skincare in cream form.

lapurete wakame review2

Hydrating Foam Cleanser & Toner, RM 89 100ml

The Hydrating Foam Cleanser & Toner cleanse my face well but it won’t leave you feeling squeaky clean. I reckon this is because this cleanser giver hydrating effect to the skin so it will never have the squeaky clean feeling. I love the citrus scent but I prefer a cleanser that leave me feeling squeaky clean yet non drying.

lapurete wakame review3

Lapureté Wakame Protect & Repair Lotion, RM 139 for 50ml

I am really looking forward to try this and hope that it’s different from all other cream product I have encounter. True that this is much lighter and my skin can absorb this easier than other cream product but still a little bit sticky. I only use this at night as I think my skin need more nutrient at night. It has the similar citrus scent which I really like. I sometime will purposely sniff it as it tends to relaxed my mind.

lapurete wakame review5

Lapureté Wakame Multi Active Eye Repair, RM119 for 15ml

The eye cream was pretty light in texture and also has similar scent… I kind of like how it feels on my eyes…. This eye cream is said to reduces the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles. I find it quite hydrating but I don’t seem to see much difference on my eyes yet… May be I need to use it for a month?

lapurete wakame review4

Oh my starter kit also comes with a chamois(cleansing cloth). I find it quite magical cloth.. It feel really soft on my skin.. I love using it to apply facial foam on it and massage it onto my face…. Super hydrating.

Lapurete Chamois

All in all I love the scent and texture as it’s really light compare to other cream product. It’s very hydrating on my skin but I can’t see reduction of wrinkles on my face or eyes area. Perhaps I need to use this for a month or so but in general I don’t hate this but hoping for more effective results. Alright lovies, time to end the post and you have a great day ahead!! Muacksss…


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