Collection Cosmetic Urbanista Lip Crayon Review + Blurred Lip Trend

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Halorrr Beautiful!!!! I have been crazy over lippie and my collection grow from 1 to 10 and then now probably close to 100? Don’t ask me how many lip I have, definite answer is one but I have love collecting all the lippies with unique colour and texture… Well when I got these 5 Collection Urbanista Lip Crayon I wasn’t too excited over it, it could be the packaging that are too simple for me… Heck when I try the first colour on I was omigosh this colour look so stunning on my lip!!!!!!!!!!

Collection Urbanista Lip Crayon1

Between, I was browsing Female Magazine and I was attracted to this new blurred lip trend rocking the 2015 runway!! They seem to be the easiest trend to rock on! Below are some of the blurred lip look!

image  source

So when I reach home i took out these lip crayon and start doing the blurred lip…. I love the outcome.. It look soft and feminine. It’s easier to create than any other lip trend and it look effortlessly beautiful!!! To achieve this blurred lip look just apply a matte or creamy lipstick on the centre of the lip. Then using your finger blend the lipstick outward toward the edge of your lip. Do not use glossy lipstick as it will makes your lip too out of place. So here is how my blurred lip look like using City Belle (1)!! Does it look pretty?

Collection Urbanista Lip Crayon6
Collection Urbanista Lip Crayon5

Alright back to the lip crayon, they come in 8 different shades but I only have 5shades. In term of packaging it was quite simple and more like a urban outlook which I don’t quite fancy. However the price tag at only RM 24.90 each is such a great bargain giving the colour payoff. What I like about this lip crayon is the creamy with a little sheen formula which glides on lip easily. You do not have to worry that the colour will run out of place or even emphasizing on your lip lines except for weekend wild (7) shade. Also I love the lip crayon design which makes drawing easier… Lining lip prior applying is not necessary unless you want a super precise application. Some colour pay off are quite good while some are too sheer. I’ll explain that further later. Also I find it has a weird burn scent but not very strong… Only can smell it once or twice when applying…

Collection Urbanista Lip Crayon2

So here is the swatch on my lip….

City Belle (1) is the first shade I put on and boy I fell in love with the colour.. The soft pink look so pretty and sweet. Love this colour because it’s so sweet in colour and also the colour payoff are quite good.

collection lip crayon City Belle review

Alright Weekend Wild (7) is a very sweet colour and very pale. It’s very hard to carry this colour and if you have dark skin I don’t recommend this at all… This colour are not opaque and it can makes line very visible. Also if you have chapped lip, skip this!

collection lip crayon Weekend Wild review

After Hours (8) are quite a let down. When i first see it, I expect the colour payoff will be amazing but turn out it’s quite wash off… Not recommended to take this colour unless if you want a very light makeup but still I don’t quite fancy this red.

collection lip crayon After Hours review

City Slicker (2) was a let down too.. First I expect it to be more orangey and turn out it’s more pink than orange and the colour is too sheer and does not look good on me… It make my lip look patchy.

collection lip crayon City Slicker review

Dashing Diva (6) is a classic red which I quite like but would prefer a more solid colour.

collection lip crayon Dashing Divas review

Ms Metropolis (3) is a light Fuchsia which is a good colour to choose if you want your lip to pop but not being over the top! Colour payoff was amazing!

collection lip crayon ms metropolis review

In conclusion, I love Dashing Divas, City Belle and Ms Metropolis. Beside some colour pay off are not quite good I think this lip crayon is a good choice for those who want a quick application and smooth glide on lip. It is also quite moisturising and non drying at all… However the lasting power are not so strong… If you plan to eat anything, you better prepare to reapply after. Only thing is the cap can be hard to close because it may hit the product and ruin it! Lastly the scent was a bit turn off at times…

“ Question: Did any of you purchase these lip crayon? Which colour is your favourite? ”

Alright lovelies it’s the end of the post.. Thank you for reading!! Love you all!!! Muacksss!!


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