Chu Lip Review

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good morning pretty ladiesss….. Last night was a little upset over my last photoshoot but oh well it’s a great learning process.. Back to today topic the new Chu Lip!!!! I jump in joy when I first unwrap it from a envelop delivered to my door step. I loveeeeeeeeee the colour so muchhhh!! It’s Lilac, my favourite colour!!! Chu means kiss in Japanese and this reflect it’s function!

Chu Lip Review10

I am pretty sure you love the packaging of chu lip as much as I do. It has a cute lemon/peach kind of shape with a kissing lip in the middle. The label said it’s made into a dome shape but to me it look like a mini lemon! Don’t you think so? It’s just so girly and adorables…. It’s easy to hold on with my fingers too!! The chu lip has a rubbery finishing out it’s outer packaging which help my fingers to grab it tightly.

Chu Lip Review1

Without any doubt this is the best lip balm packaging ever!!! Even the box that hold the Chu Lip look sharp and attractive too!! I bet you will agree with me!

Chu Lip Review8

It’s super easy to twist to open and lock back too!!!!! I just love everything about it! To use it just kiss your lips against the the lip balm. It’s the easiest lip balm to use ever and it’s so quick apply onto my lip without the need to draw from left to right just a kiss and I’m ready to go out!!!

Chu Lip Review2_a

The lip balm has a easy to glide on formula which contains moisturising ingredients like Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil and Rose Hip Oil. This Lilac colour is Arabian Floral Shower scent filled with elegant scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove. No wonder why I love the scent so much that now I ignore all other lip balm and this become my new favourite.

Chu Lip Review6

I used it every time before I apply my lipstick. it moist my lip the way I like it. Not overly sticky and the smoothness on my lip makes me feel great! One thing though if you plan to bring this out it might be space consuming but well I only apply once so it’s fine for me!!I highly recommend everyone to get this!!! Simply amazing!

Chu Lip Review4

This Chu Lip is priced at RM 25.90 each and can be purchased at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlet. It also come with following variant:

1. Pink, Paris, Perfect Memories: Raspberry, peach, vanilla
2. Red, NY, Brilliant My Way: Apple, ginger and tea rose
3. Purple, Arabian Floral Shower: Rose, geranium and clove
4. Green, Nordic Fancy Nostalgia: Orange, lime and mango
Alright I think that’s it for today. Thank you for reading my post! Do let me know which is your favourite Lip Balm and tell me why you love it kay??

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