Chinese New Year Shopping Haul + 5 CNY OOTD

Monday, February 02, 2015

Good Moooornningggggggg…… Last week I see people flocking into shopping malls shopping for Chinese New year (CNY) and that include me la off course!!!! Have you done your shopping yet?? The sale is massive and crazyyyyy…. I think i can skip all the meal and keep browsing at the sales item…. That is the only time my diet plan succeed!! LOL Shopping the best therapy! Okay if you have not shop for your CNY don’t worry, I will be sharing with you some some shopping guide particularly on what sales is going on the shops in Sunway Pyramid.

Here is the picture of me and my porter guy after shopping on our way to car park!!! Curious what is porter guy? Hang on I’ll share with you in details later in this post so make sure you read till the end!

sunway shopping haul14

Alrighty let’s begin with the first shop Zara!


Categories: Clothing & Accessories for Woman & Men
Lot No: LG1.11
Sales: Up to 70% sale

At Zara I got myself a baby blue bag with studs!! I have been eyeing this bag for a long time.. The last sale it was selling at RM 99.90 I hesitated but now it’s going for RM 59.90 only… There are few other satchel bag which are also going off at RM59.90. Jeans go as low as RM99.90 and if you looking for winter clothing the sweater as low as RM 59.90.

sunway shopping haul29

Top Shop

Categories: Clothing & Accessories for Woman & Men
Lot No: G 1.26
Sales: Up to 50% sale

Top Shop sales item left not much… UK 12 and up are finish left with UK8-10 sizes. Price can go as low as RM39 for top and pants/ dress about RM 100 if not mistaken.

Miss Selfridge

Categories: Clothing & Accessories for Woman
Lot No: G 1.31
Sales: Up to 50% sale

I’d recommend to skip this shop because I don’t find their sales item is interesting.. Mostly are holiday season style with lots of glitters and sequins but the design are not attractive at all..

Dorothy Perkin

Categories: Clothing & Accessories for Woman
Lot No: LG 1.31
Sales: Up to 50% sale

Some dress are quite pretty and size UK 12-14 is available. Even the smaller size UK 6-8 also can be found but design not much…. I tried this baby blue lace body hugging dress and also the pink top. Dress are RM 100 and top RM 40. Many of my friends comment this dress look stunning on me but I find the style too me so I plan to buy other design that I don’t used to wear. More over this dress is too thin and thus my tummy is visible! So I did not buy in the end…

sunway shopping haul30

I also match this loose pink collar top with the dress.. It look more casual but I find the top too plain so I skip as well..

sunway shopping haul31 

Categories: Clothing & Accessories for Woman
Lot No: LG 1.18
Sales: Up to 50% sale

A few bags are on sale.. Mostly quite formal looking shoulder bag and satchel on 50% off… Accessories on sale was nothing too impressive.


Categories: Accessories for Woman
Lot No: LG 1.68
Sales: Up to 70% sale

Those fancy earring cost as low as RM 16 while those simple stud go for 3 for RM 30. Chunky necklace are mostly sold out only left a few selling as low as RM 16. Long chain necklace as low as RM 10. Hair accessories also on sale but I forget the price.

sunway shopping haul15

Mango (MNG)

Categories: Clothing & Accessories for Woman
Lot No: G 1.18
Sales: Up to 50% sale

Well mostly work wear and colour selection are not attractive… I didn’t stay long and move on to other shop.


Categories: Clothing & Accessories for Woman& Men
Lot No: LG 1.06
Sales: Value Priced Items

I remember their sales are pretty good as low as RM 15 each but when I was there last week I couldn't see any sale item except for kids zone. Their quality are very similar to cotton on I feel but more selection. Normal priced item are quite pricey giving the cloth quality.

Charles & Keith

Categories: Footwear & Bags for Woman
Lot No: G 1.58
Sales: NO SALE

Sadly, their sale period is over…. But I did buy something here because I been needing a new flats and bag too… Currently,this type of sandal heel is very trendy. I have been dying to buy one but all the strap are too short for my fat foot….. :-(

sunway shopping haul12

This magenta tote does not have main zip but a inner zip…

sunway shopping haul10

I have been looking for a tote with zip and thick and comfy handle for almost a year.. I told this to my friends every time we talk about handbag…. Finally I found it here but only set back is that it’s a little bit too heavy then I want it to be.. Nevertheless, I still love it a lot!!

sunway shopping haul11 
Forever 21

Categories: Footwear for Woman
Lot No: G 1.103
Sales: Up to 70% sale + Buy 2  free 1 on sale item

OMG i tell you i went crazy at F21…. Their sale item already so cheap and then you get 1 item for free if you purchase 2 sale item!! Such an awesome bargain!!! Got many summer season top and bottoms and a numbers of dresses too... Honestly, you have to spend some time digging in to find some pretty stuff... At first glance I was like meh...not really nice stuff then i go in and flip one by one and found some hidden gem.. Sizes are pretty good too XS - L all available.

forever 21 sale

I am a bit crazy over baby blue colour lately… Oh yes I am also looking for items in red because I used to avoid buying red but lately found out I can actually carry a particular red item! I love the red body hugging dress but it’s new arrival and quite pricey so I skip that… The peplum mint dress is on sale RM 50 only same goes to the peach colour dress…. Well I skip both cause I have many dress with similar design… The floral skirt is very pretty too but ah it’s too tight… Ahh need to workout more! The short jeans only RM 30 which I did buy it hehe!

Nah here is what I buy that day! Total damage of RM 870. 6 item are sale item and another 6 item is new arrival!!

sunway shopping haul32

Do you know you can redeem a set of limited edition All Season Prosperity Ang Pow with any purchase above RM 250 ( RM 150 for HSBC Credit Card Holders) in 1 receipt. These Angpow is way too pretty especially the pink colour ones!!

sunway shopping haul35

and this adorable sheep is a collectibles that you should collect all of them!! It’s so fluffy and softttt…. OMG too cute. Only can be redeem with with any purchase above RM 1000 ( RM 800 for HSBC Credit Card Holders) in 3 receipt. It’s available in 5 huggable candy colour!!

sunway shopping haul34

Back to the Porter Boys, you can catch them at AEON entrance. Once you done shopping you can look for Porter Boys (call 011-2888 7736) and they will help you carry all your stuff and escort you to your car… How cool is that? Did I mention the porter guy look so cute lor!!! You can also hop on for a free ride on the Buggy (call 010-2897 509), available daily at selected car park entrances. The services is available from11am to 11pm from 16th January to 18th February.

Porter Guy sending me to my car…. Feeling safe with them around! and for the first time I feel so relax walking back to my car without needed to carry those heavy bags of my haul!!

sunway shopping haul17

So this coming weekend remember to bring all you family member together or friends to shop together at Sunway Pyramid so that you can share some of sales (i.e Buy 2  free 1) with your family members or friends then you don’t need to buy so many!!

Oh remember to pop by the orange concourse are as the whole area is decorated with adorable fluffy sheep along with excessive festive activities line up in conjunction with the ‘Cheery Woolly Spring’.

Meet and greet Sunway Pyramid’s playful mascots Leo and Leona as they make their rounds distributing prosperity goodies.

There will be colourful sheep roaming on endless green pastures and cheerful cherry blossoms and bright yarn baubles glow from above.

In line with the woolly theme, strings of multi-coloured yarn are intricately woven through fences and huts, creating texture, abundance and warmth.

Breathe in the joy of spring amidst the beautiful flower blossoms for a flourishing new year at the Spring Flower Market in Sunway Pyramid.

Alright now do you wanna see how I mix and match these item for my 5 days of CNY???

Day 1

For day 1 I choose something more feminine and sweet… First day is the day we greet parents and visit relatives, so have wear something more polite which the older will always agree with it. This long sleeve dress has a lacey detail to it look super gorgeous!!

**Dress from F21 and the rest are my pre-own items…

sunway shopping haul33a

I pair with some gold midi rings and a black and white bag!
 sunway shopping haul18


I am pairing this floral top with a red skater scuba skirt. My first red item how it look on me?? I used to look like 40years old whenever I wear red lol!! The bag is so sweet and stylish isn’t it? I love the colour and studs details of the bag… This top and skirt is wrinkle free.. Great for on the go people like me forever not enough time!!HAHA..

**Top, Skirt from F21 and Bag from Zara.

sunway shopping haul28a

sunway shopping haul27a

Day 3

I am going more casual on Day 3 with this red top with lace edges…. Second red item!! I really love how flowy the top look and it pair very well with my hot pants!!! The clutch come with the tote i bought from Charles & Keith.

**Top & Pants from F21, clutch and flats from Charles & Keith.

sunway shopping haul22a
The only flats that can fit my wide foot..So sad!

sunway shopping haul23a

Day 4

I am pairing this sweet spaghetti top with the scuba skirt earlier…Super love the top colour and the back detail….. Sexy back oh!!!

sunway shopping haul25a

Super love the tote.. What do you think about the tote?? I think it will be great for travelling too!

sunway shopping haul24a 
**Top & Pants from F21, clutch and flats from Charles & Keith.

Day 5

I am making this a very fun and happy look.. Usually Day 5 will be visiting friend house which I think this outfit will be perfect…. It look super fun and casual….

sunway shopping haul21

Okay my darlings it’s the end of my post loooo.. Which outfit I look the best ya?? Leave me a comment and put your blog link I will visit yours too!! Enjoy your shopping this coming weekend bubye!!!

For more info visit or call 03-7494 3100.


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