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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hey, we’re back with something that might interest car enthusiast or potential buyer. As an avid car lover, we are constantly on the look out for the best deal and value for those wheelers but more often, time and accessibility could be a factor to deterred us from exploring. Hence comes Cloudhax’s Car Listing that soon to prove to be more than just a car listing site with numerous features and user friendly interface that will definitely help to navigate through the site.

Cloudhax-Car (Website)
Homepage for Cloudhax’s Car

From the homepage, the simplistic design is great as it decreases the loading time which certain sites might require to load plugin or flash. On the first glance, they had established several features to help buyer to identify what are the criteria or preference that they would prefer.

Options to select

There is a number of options to select from as it ranges from different brands and body types to region of the seller’s location listing. So after a quick selection of the preferred choice, it will narrow the search to the nearest of your preference which we find it very useful to save time from scrolling a whole long list to identify.

Select Make
Quick result

There is also additional option to refine the search. We would to get to select from the price range, year of make, and model type.

Refine search result

Slight hesitant on the car performance? Cloudhax’s Car Listing got it covered with the car information section which provides a detailed information of the car performance, monthly loan, and the details to keep you covered prior to purchase.

Car Information

With information all at convenience on a click of the mouse, Cloudhax’s Car Listing will certainly appeal to many potential car buyer or perhaps just a quick glance of the market value. So check out the website here today.

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