Betjeman Barton x Bisou Bon Bon & Bisou Rose Perfume Tea Party

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey lovelies.. So how was your Valentine Day and Chinese New Year Celebration? I hope it’s all good on your end. I had actually celebrated my Valentines Day much earlier with group of gorgeous butterflies to make our very own Bespoke Perfume Scent. We had Valentine Perfume Tea Party at the newly open Betjeman & Barton in One Utama that got all of us into the Paris mood, ohhh best valentine ever…


I was jumping with joy when I first receive the invitation to spend Valentine with my girlfriends. Imagine sipping premium handcrafted tea over heavenly delicious cakes and then create a unique scent of perfume to bring home. Oh the thought alone is making me all excited. So let's get going.

Betjeman n Barton10

You know I am a crazy tea addict. I love collecting them and I think I am slowly picking hobby on how to brew a nice cup of tea at the right temperature and time. So much fun to learn these and the fulfillment on sipping on the the tea.. Mmmm …Back to the Perfume Tea Party, Cariel brought me for a quick shop tour. So allow me to show you those teas and various tea equipment in Betjeman & Barton. We first hop to have a look and sniff on their few best selling loose leaf teas and my, the scent is truly amazing….


Cariel showed us a few of the best selling tea like the famous Pouchkine tea which is their worldwide Top selling tea. It’s a based Ceylon tea with a typical Russia taste. When i took a sniff of it, there is a subtle hint of golden bitterness with strong aroma. I shall tell you how it taste later on this post.

Betjeman n Barton Pouchkine

There are several other teas that Cariel introduce like Green Tea, Fruity Tea and Floral Tea. I shall elaborate in detail in another post focusing solely on the teas. Let me show you the tea canister… It’s so so beautiful! Oh my goddd.. I wish I could collect all of them. All canister is sold together with the tea. The price shown are for canister only but you have to buy it together with the tea of your choice. Good thing is you can bring the canister to refill your teas when it’s finish.

These are the classic canister that is plain in colour. Quite a number of colour to choose from though. You can opt for the plain silver too, which look very classy. The black canister on the third column from left is the limited edition Russian Doll Canister. The owner of Betjeman & Barton often create series based on inspiration she gets when he travel abroad… This is how the Russian Doll Canister is created. Now that makes one wonder, does it popped out like those Russian dolls? Well better find out later..
 Betjeman n Barton3

The below are all limited edition and some are for the festive season like the one for Chinese New Year!

Betjeman n Barton1 
Oh my godddd… The purple canister with Eifel Tower is so pretty!!! I want them all! Each and every single one of them.. Pretty please?

Betjeman n Barton2

Look at these beautiful floral design…. Perfect gift for your loved ones!

Betjeman n Barton4

After we have completed the shop touring, other butterflies has arrived and thus the tea party official begin, of course with a speech from our sweet and adorable mamasan Tammy!!!
Betjeman n Barton14

Dr Shelby the founder of Bisou Bon Bon also shared with us some story behind perfume making and tips to select the right note for ourself. Now to hit the right note.. Hmm..

Betjeman n Barton15

Bisou BonBon is French for 'kiss' and 'candy'. Dr Shelby the founder said that all the ingredients used such as Shea butter, Argan oil, Himalayan Salt, Manuka Honey and natural plant essential oils, are carefully selected and concocted into a treats for your body! They made various bath and body product like body scrub, bath salt, lip balm, soap and etc.

Cariel also gave a short introduction to everyone present on that day.


Betjeman & Barton start operating since 1919 founded by Arthur Betjeman & Percy Barton. Hence the name Betjeman & Barton. To date, Betjeman & Barton has tea rooms around the world in total 8 countries. Now that is amazing, imagine to check in every country and indulge in some finest tea. To find a local store near you click here. Betjeman & Barton create creative blends of teas source from various country worldwide which is then prepared and packed in France.
The tea room is located just beside Isetan, Old Wing One Utama. It has a very simple but a grand entrance with a touch of red and grey theme.

Betjeman n Barton24

For a moment it feels like Chinese Restaurant from far. Once I enter in, I felt a little Paris feel to it as the wall detailing and the lighting, definitely creates an good ambiance for afternoon tea.

Betjeman n Barton23

After the speech, we adjourned to tryout some of the tea with the cakes and chocolatess too. Nothing is complete without a slice of sweetness while indulging in a cup of tea.
Betjeman n Barton13

I must say, I enjoyed the Pouchkine tea immensely till the last drop. I never expect it would taste so smooth as the aroma can be a little overwhelming to me. It has a very similar taste to earl grey tea but much lighter and it has a hint of bergamot which taste really good.

Betjeman n Barton17

We tried the Oreo Mousse de Fromage, which I felt it’s tad soft that might be attribute to it’s not chilled as it was left on table for photoshoot for sometime.. Our bad…. Overall the taste is alright but I prefer more cheese flavour in it.

Betjeman n Barton18

Next was this colourful combo of Macaroon, Orange Chocolate Cake and Milk Chocolates. To date I have not taste any Macaroon that suit my tastebud.

Betjeman n Barton19

I don’t have a sweet tooth, so most macaroon are too sweet for my liking. This one is an exception. It’s not too sweet and quite crusty for me… However, Arpita said it’s a little too hard for her… Shivani & Joody like it as I do.

Betjeman n Barton20

I love the raspberry one over the matcha flavour… Just my personal preference, I guess. The Orange Chocolate Cake is totally out of my expectation. I never like orange flavour for my dessert (berries is my fav) but it taste great and marvellous… Every bite exudes a very fragrant citrus flavour that compliments by the chocolate sweetness. Thumbs up for this. The milk and white chocolate wasn’t  anything appealing to me, which is quite normal but off course better than the regular ones in the market today.

Here’s me enjoying the tea all by myself!!! Jouir~

Betjeman n Barton21

Filled up the tummy, it’s time to make the most lovely scented perfume for myself!

Betjeman n Barton9

There is basically three notes that made up to a bottle of perfume. The base note will be the one that will linger on your body for the whole day. While top note will dissipate slowly as time goes. We begin by taking 2ml of Peach Kernel Oil and pour into a Sunproof Glass Bottle.

image Carolyn measuring the peach kernel Oil

Then mix with 15 drops of Base Notes. Try not to mix more than three scent for each notes else your perfume will smell so confusing. Being a rose lover, I added both Rose & Rosewood scent as my base note.


Then add in 9 drops of middle notes and this time I chose Lavender, Chamomile & Palmarosa.

image me concentrating in making perfume

Last step is to add 6 drops of top notes. I added grapefruit & clary sage. I certainly hope taht this floral and fruit will turnout to a nicely scented perfume… After that I add 20ml of alcohol into the mixture.

image Shivani measuring alcohol 

We are using vodka this time and it’s in a milky colour. If you want a clear perfume solution then you need a alcohol that contains higher alcohol % which can be very expensive. The milky colour is just a appearance so it doesn’t really matter. After which we have to store the bottle and let it cure for 48hours to 6 week. It’s best to wait for six week so the scent is properly cured. After that you may add 5ml of water into the mixture and pour into a spray bottle and then your perfume is completed. How amazing!!!

Betjeman n Barton22 Me and my completed perfume

I find this perfume making is really exciting and fun. If you want to do any tea party, this perfume making will be perfect as each participant get’s to bring home the perfume. I had a wonderful time spending my Saturday morning making perfume and sipping tea at Betjeman & Barton.
Guess it’s the end of the post. Thank you for reading my post and have an awesome day. Love you lots.

For more info on Betjeman & Barton and Bisou BonBon checkout below links:


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