Bené Premium Bluria & Bené Premium Rougeria Review

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ohayo ladies…. How is your week so far?? Remember seeing the beautiful diamond like Bluria & Rougeria hair product? Cannot recall? Have not read yet?? Go read nowww!!!! Click Here! Today I will be sharing with you my experience using this beautiful Bené Premium Bluria & Bené Premium Rougeria range…. Be alert as this post will turn into a floral and very sweet space…..

27th Aug 2015 Updates: I have been using Rougeria for a month and I feel it's making my hair really dry so I stop using it....I am now testing other non silicon shampoo to find out if it makes my hair equally dry or not... Not sure if my hair were overly damaged caused by bleaching.. I will update again soon!

Let me first begin what is so unique about this Bené? Nope it’s not the Bené cafe with Bingsu and it’s not the bene you wear on your head. It’s a line of beautiful diamond a like bottle carrying product that will pamper and transform the hair into bouncy healthy hair!

image Bené Premium Bluria 

Bené Premium is well famous with the title Double Non-Silicone as both Bluria & Rougeria formulation does not contain any silicone but using natural ingredient that foster the power of nutrient penetration and recover not only the surface (cuticle) but also inner (cortex). Silicone are commonly use in hair product and sometime in skin care and cosmetic which helps to smoothen the surface (in this case the hair) giving a less fizzy hair.Do you know excessive use of product that contains silicone will create residue on your hair follicles causing hair to become heavy and finally collapse which is why you see strands of hair around your room and bathroom especially. Also, your hair maybe in hypoxia using silicone product where your hair growth will be affected and cause long term hair lost!
I have tried both series and i love them for different reasons…. First let me explain more on each series.

Bené Premium Bluria 

Bluria has very high purifying powder to deeply cleanse the scalp which prepare a healthy scalp to absorb more nutrients.
bene hair product1

This is made possible by the green enzymes used such as kiwis, green papayas and avocado.

Besides green enzymes Bluria also used the natural lava clay and mineral rich green clay and dead sea mud to effectively remove grease and impurities from the scalp.


Dead Sea Salt water are rich in 30 different minerals that will nourishes the scalp leaving a strong and supple hair!

and lastly it contains Bluria Rose fragrance that is perfect for those who love rose scent and like to have a little spa moment when washing your hair. This rose fragrance combining with other fruity and floral notes will help relax your mind and body as you apply and work it on you hair.
The Bluria packaging were so lovely in a blue with a hint of purple diamond a like bottle that look like vase to me… On first glance it look like a solid bottle but it’s a see through one. Their concept is to produce a unique diamond cut plastic bottle that look graceful and made it see through so that consumer can look at how pure and natural the product is. I so in love with the bottle that I will use it as a vase after I finish it. I find their packaging is very convenient to use especial the pump bottle for shampoo and conditioner… It’s hygienic and pump out to the right amount of product… As for mask, I like that the cap is easy to open and it does not hurt my nails… You know some cap can be close so tight that my nails will crack trying to open it.
Bené Premium Bluria Shampoo, RM 43.90 for 530ml
Surprisingly easy to lather and form bubble even though it is free from silicone. It leave my hair feeling light and airy. The shampoo thoroughly remove all impurities on my scalp. I always massage my head when I am shampoo-ing which help to relax my mind and also let the shampoo to cleanse the scalp thoroughly.
bene hair product3

Bené Premium Bluria Treatment (Conditioner), RM 43.90 for 530ml
This cream based treatment or better known as conditioner for us Malaysian has a very light smooth texture… When i first dispense the conditioner onto my palm I was disappointed as I feel it will not be as nourishing as my other conditioner. The texture is too light… But I was so wrong…. As I run it through my hair, it feels incredibly soft and smooth. My finger can run through my hair with it easily… After I dry my hair, my hair were not tangled badly and feel quite soft but not as soft compare to using mask.
bene hair product6

Bené Premium Bluria Mask, RM 43.90 for 210g
Alright this mask has a thicker texture compare to the conditioner but not the thickest I have seen… Only required a medium dollop for my long hair and it deliver intensive hydration for my hair. My hair feel softer using mask over the conditioner but I prefer the mask to be more hydrating.. I still feel my hair not as smooth compare to the previous hair mask I am using.
bene hair product5

Bené Premium Bluria Night Care Milk, RM 43.90 for 115ml
It’s said to be able to nourishes and repair hair as you sleep, delivering intensive hydration while adding shine. I am quite disappointed with this. It does nothing to my hair beside leaving a nice scent behind… My hair still feel fizzy and not manageable after using this…

bene hair product4

Bené Premium Rougeria

The Rougeria range is focusing on repairing damaged hair and add smoothness to the hair.
bene hair product2Bené Premium Rougeria
Red enzymes from red vegetables )apple, tomato and carrot) are loaded with powerful antioxidants that are rich in vitamins and carotene. These enzymes is effective in protecting our hair from environmental stress and daily wear and tear.


Contains highly moisturizing natural organic oils made from apricots, jojoba and keratin infusion and also Argan oil which will repair even the most frazzled hair.


Infused with the rare Bulgarian Damask Rose Honey and Manuka Honey from New Zealand helps to deeply moisturized damaged hair caused by extensive chemical treatment.


It gives a sweet, delicate floral scent of Rougeria rose.


For packaging wise, it’s similar to the Bluria range just the colour is different. I love the Bluria blue/purple colour more because it’s my favourite colour.. Call me bias hahaha….

Bené Premium Rougeria Shampoo, RM 43.90 for 530ml

I have been using this shampoo everyday for almost 3 weeks now and I love everything about it… It’s easy to lather and form bubbles easily… Oh it smell amazing tooo and most importantly my hair feels soft after using it.

bene hair product10

Bené Premium Rougeria Treatment (Conditioner), RM 43.90 for 530ml

This is more moisturizing compared to the Bluria conditioner… I can leave with using conditioner for every wash. Before this I use mask to replace conditioner as the later one are not sufficient for my hair.
bene hair product9

Bené Premium Rougeria Hair Mask, RM 43.90 for 210g

I love this mask a lot… One for the scent and second for the moisturizing effect… I only use this once a week and I really love the after feeling. Also, it does not make my hair feel greasy or oily as some other hair mask do..

bene hair product8

Bené Premium Rougeria Hair Oil, RM 43.90 for 40ml

This oil will penetrate deep into hair to repair any damages and provide deep conditioning from root to tip leaving hair smooth and supple… It’s true that my hair feel smoother after using but it’s not as smooth or nourishing as other oil I have tried….

bene hair product7


I find the Bluria range are good as a detox (used twice in a week) to clear my scalp. I find Bluria range leave my hair slightly fizzy and not as smooth but lighter and airy. I love Rougeria range and using it everyday now.. Especially love the shampoo because it create bubble easily and very easy to work on my hair… Hair feel supple and nice after using Rougeria range… I must highlight that this is not the most nourishing hair care I have used… If you did not bleach your hair or constantly go for chemical treatment that this is good for you otherwise you might need a more intensive hair care range.

For more info please visit:

Bené Premium Bluria & Bené Premium Rougeria Hair Care range can be purchased at Watson Store Nationwide.

Okay la I think I have to end this post else it will be too lengthy!! See you in my next post!


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