Village BBQ & Steamboat @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Who is a fan of steamboat?? It’s funny that our country have tropical weather (hot weather) all year long but yet many love steamboat… I am a fan of steamboat and BBQ but I have not try both at the same time yet except the one we organize ourselves…. Last weekend, le Thomas bring me to a new place that combine both steamboat and BBQ for dinner… It’s a buffet spread and it cost only RM 38 Nett Nett (no tax incurred), such a great deal.

Here’s a thing, this place have huge crowd especially during weekend so my advise is if you do not want to wait for table; then come here before 6.30 pm.

So I did not expect much from this place so I didn’t plan to do a review so yeah with no camera with me I take all photos using my Samsung S3. So bare with me for the blurry picture okay?
The ingredient choices offered here are really amazing…

Look how fresh those vegetables are…. Also they are plenty of mushroom to choose from like shimeiji mushroom, oyster mushroom, king mushroom and enoki mushroom… but no shitake mushroom…. Well doesn’t really matter I can’t eat that much too… Oh they also provide cauliflower & broccoli.. Yums!


More noodle and other condiments to make your soup sweet like carrots, sweet corn, bitter gourd, winter melon, pumpkin and etc…


Varieties of frozen ingredients like fish balls, crabstick, squid ball, sausages, lobster ball, seafood tofu and etc…


Here comes my favourite section SEAFOOD!! The seafood here are really fresh and has so many type to choose from… The seafood comes in big and small like prawns, clams and various shell species…

Look at the giant shell, as huge as my palm!

and the ingredients for BBQ… They have beef, lamb and chicken in meat slices and skewer stick too.. No pork here.. Oh of course sting ray, squid and prawn for BBQ too…


I love the choices of meat and seafood here but honestly the highlight here is the BBQ.. The steamboat here were not that good I think because the soup is pretty bland and if you after a good soup base don’t bother coming here… I still love my Sukiya soup choices…
Not only BBQ but you can also fried your meat or your mushroom.. However the cooking time can be quite long..

C360_2015-01-03-18-17-05-906 look at the huge scallop!!

They provide a individual BBQ rack for each table…Brilliant idea…


If you are fast you can catch the live prawns… I was there for almost 3 hours and I have see the staff throw in live prawn for 3-4 rounds….

C360_2015-01-03-20-32-07-098 people trying to grab some live prawn

oh one more highlight is that their ice cream choices… You can get those ice cream stick in lime, vanilla and chocolate flavour.. Also have those ice cream in cone type like the cornettos one but a different brand taste equally delicious…


There is also ice cream in a cup with various flavour…


Something new to me is ice sherbet…. Not very delicious but something fun and new to try!


Ice cream alone can fill up your tummy!!! It’s like a ice cream buffet….

 ice sherbet + ice cream combo!

oh one last thing is, you gotta try their COKE!!! It’s the best I tried so far… Full of  gasss…. So satisfying to drink it down especially after all the hot steamboat & BBQ.


All in all i think for RM 38 it’s really worthy… However I am not sure I would return because the soup taste was really bland.. Probably we have to put more ingredient in to make the soup more flavourful first… The BBQ were really deliciousss…. My advise is whack the BBQ and don’t take so many frozen fish ballss… Alright that’s all from me today! Enjoy your steamboat ya!

No. 1GF & No.1-1
Jalan Puteri 2/6 Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong Selangor.
Mon -  Fri: 5pm-12am
Sat – Sun : 5pm-12am
Contact No: +6012-772 0400


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