Rejuvenate Your Skin!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last week I pick a few makeup to play with, if you have not read about it check it out here. This week I pick some mist, mask and hand cream to rejuvenate my stressful skin!! You have no idea how crazy my week have been.. I could not share with you all yet but soon once everything finalized I will!

1. Always 21 Aloe vera Mist

First up is this Always 21 Aloe vera Mist. I do love how refreshing the scent is and it make my skin feel so cooling! If you love aloe Vera you will love this. This is a new brand for me i think next I want to try their aloe Vera gel! I am a crazy fan of aloe vera gel, they are like my lotion.

butterfly xmas box13

2. Indeed Hydraluron Boosting Mask

Next I have this Hydraluron Boosting Mask from Indeed. I chanced upon this brand few months back but have not have time to tryout their product yet. Today finally get to try their mask.
butterfly xmas box11

I feel their mask size is rather weird… It’s too long and not wide enough for my face. Well hydration wise I feel it was normal not really fantastic and the mask cloth is rather too thick and not too soft….

hydraluron mask review1

3. Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask 

I also try out another mask…. Mask is a good way to de-stress!! This Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask is something unique. With the famous EXO Korean Boy Band on the packaging… Well I am not a die hard fan for some girls who go crazy over them should really get this mask asap!!!

butterfly xmas box12

I love this mask so much!!! The packaging make opening the mask less hassle. And i love gel mask because it’s so cooling and it will adhere to the face firmly. This one is thinner than those bio-cellulose mask I tried before but still adhere to my skin well.

nature republic mask review2

4. L'Occitane Arlésienne Hand Cream

Pampering my hand is a must... This hand cream are from the famous brand L'Occitane, the new range call Arlésienne. This scent has a Rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saffron from Provence come together in a floral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances. The Arlésienne fragrance evokes the woman of Arles - full of mystery, beauty and grace. I love this scent being not overly rosy with a hint of sweet violet love!! as for the cream itself I think I don’t need to say more..Their hand cream are well known to be good!!! I love to use this when I about to go to my bed..The scent help calm my mind getting ready for a good rest.

butterfly xmas box17

5. Matrix Biolage Color Last Hair Shampoo

and last but not least my hair!! The needed some love too!!! I am trying out the Matrix Biolage Colour Last Hair Shampoo.. It smell amazing and lather pretty easily. It does not leave my hair feeling dry after I rinse it off… Even I just use my conditioner, my hair don’t feel too dry or fizzy! Great!

butterfly xmas box10

Now I feel much better for sure!! Spend an hour in my bath room washing and massaging my head and then on my bed resting with mask… Such a nice pampering day for me… Before I went to bed I spray on the mist and apply the hand cream!! Ahhhhhhh …so relaxing… Alright girls it’s the end of my post… See you girls tomorrow same time ya! Bubbye!


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