New Makeup Pick!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Last month I got a box of beauty product to play with! So today I decided to pick the makeup product to play and test it out on my face!!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Watermelon

First up is this Baby Lips from Maybelline. I been wanting to try this for so longgg… For certain reason I find the Baby Lips font is very catchy and cute… I also like the simple design of the lip balm with the wording cap…

butterfly xmas box1

I got the watermelon flavour but when apply on don’t really taste watermelon… I do like the subtle fuchsia colour it give to my lip but not really as moisturising as I expect. It feel like a layer of watermelon candy run through my lip… This lip balm can be wear alone as it give a pop of fuchsia colour on the lip but quite light in colour. So if you want a fuller lip or bolder colour you have to use a lipstick. Sometime I use this as a base colour and top it up with a sheep lip gloss it turn out quite pretty.

butterfly xmas box2

So here is me wearing the Baby Lips alone…

maybelline baby lip1

close up.. It look quite light and sheer but if you top it up with lip gloss it will look much nicer!

maybelline baby lip2

Now let me show you with a lip gloss on………

maybelline baby lips review

Collection Cosmetic Hotlight Lipgloss in Star shade

Now you wonder which lipgloss that I am using? It’s the Hotlight Lipgloss from Collection Cosmetic in Star shade. It has this pretty milky light pink in gold dust, a nice shade for holiday.

butterfly xmas box5

I love how convenient this lipgloss is because it does not only come with mirror but also LED light…. Even if you are in a pitch black place you still can touch up your lip! How nice is that?

butterfly xmas box6

The colour look really pretty when swatch on hand but sadly it’s too sheer that it does not look good on my dark lip…. Also, I don’t quite the funny smell of the brush even though the brush hair is really soft.

collection hotlights lipgloss1

So this is how the lip gloss look on me..

collection hotlights lipgloss2

close up it look really sheer.. I do think this is good to go as a topper on your matte lipstick to add a shine to your look or to plump up the lip for a sexy finish!

maybelline baby lip3

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Also have this Dolly Wink Eyeliner in Black which is my new favourite now! Absolutely easy to control and dry very fast. It gives a matte jet black finish which is what I always love to have when using eyeliner. The packaging look sweet and adorable in pink and purple polka dots…. Loving the waterproof formula as it last for almost a day with only a slight smudge on the inner corner of my oily eye lid…
 butterfly xmas box8

The tip is really sharp where you can draw thin line and thick line. I find drawing thin and medium line is easy but for thick line might be a little tiring because need to continuously fill up the gap.

butterfly xmas box9

Here it is on my eye… So pretty isn’t it?

dollywink eyeliner review1

So here is my final look using Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner and Collection Cosmetic Hotlight Lipgloss.

dollywink eyeliner review2

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Berry Sexy

Lastly we have this nail polish from Maybelline.. A very striking colour and I would prefer to use this on my toe.. Just my preference. I find the texture a little to watery but the colour still opaque.
 butterfly xmas box15

The brush size are pretty standard and quite easy to swipe on my nails.. Not too big so it’s quite perfect for my nail size.

butterfly xmas box16
So on first swipe remember to swipe the brush on the bottle to not take too much product else you will end up colouring the edge and get messy. With one coat it’s pretty opaque but I prefer to put on two layer instead.

maybelline show stopper nail polish review1 First layer

maybelline show stopper nail polish review2 second layer

There you go some of the cosmetic I pick up to play this week…. What did you purchase or try? Tell me all about it! Till then bye bye!


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