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Friday, January 09, 2015

Finally here is the detailed of where I did my hair colour… I receive so many compliment from my friends and readers on my hair colour and they also ask me where I get my hair colour done….. So here it is, the full details of my hair makeover. After so long I finally have the guts to do the extreme colour I have been longing to have…. I still remember sitting on the salon chair telling Frankie, my trusted stylist that I want to something extreme before I turn 30! Initially I want to do something like pastel blue, but that require super high level bleaching which means my hair will be so so so damaged… So Frankie told me, don’t worry just relax and he will mix a “Nice” colour for my hair…. I was like WHAT? Nice colour? means what colour?? OMG I cannot imagine… He say don’t worry it will be fantastic… So throughout the entire process I was rather nervous and  don’t know how will the colour turn out….

Here’s is the outcome…

ash colour

It’s my first time bleaching my entire hair and honestly I am so so worried my hair will break and become so so dry. Sam, the one who help me bleach my hair told me they used a mild chemical unlike other places whereby they use a very strong chemical which is faster. At Frank salon they have to apply the chemical in small portion, section by section. After doing my hair here for several time, I know Frankie will never do anything that will damaged my hair. I once told him I wish to rebond my hair or perm it, he insist not to because that will really damage my hair.. Unlike elsewhere they would just proceed according to your request. This is why I love Frankie works!! He’s really amazing!
The bleaching alone takes about two hour because Sam massage the chemical onto my hair section by section. This will ensure even colour later one unless if you want to see patches of colours..

ash hair colour1

After that I wait for another hour before rinsing with water.

ash hair colour2

Sam wash my hair for three time to thoroughly wash away the bleaching chemical. He also uses a different shampoo each time….. Sorry I couldn’t recall which one he use…. After done rinsing, we proceed with hair colouring using Tigi Hair Colour…. As usually he apply the colour in a very quick manner section by section ensuring smooth colour finish…. While waiting for the colour to penetrate into my hair, my scalp feels tingling sensation kinda pain but bearable ones… Feeling like the chemical is reacting and I just can’t wait to rinse the hair…

ash hair colour3

After that proceed with hair treatment using Milbon product as usual… after treatment, Frankie blow dry my hair….

ash hair colour4

Here is how the colour look like after the treatment…

ash colour frank salon

I really love this hair colour… It’s so dreamy yet so edgy! This is called root shading as what Frankie told me whereby the colour at the root is darker and slowly fade to lighter colour towards hair ends… It has a purple colour on the root gradually turn ashy tones towards the ends….. I myself cannot stop admiring the colour for days… It’s a very trendy colour and most of the time I made people turns head when I pass by. hehehe ..I admit I quite like getting the attention…hahahahha… I will not tell you there is no damage to my hair after bleaching but the damage are really minimal… I did not feel my hair as dry as my last bleaching… I was surprise that my hair still feel soft after the bleaching…My hair did not break too… However, it does get harder to dry and it feels very weak (more ductile and not strong). However, after two week of using hair mask and proper hair serum my hair return to the soft and stronger hair…

Here is my hair colour after 4 days… I love how the colours changes from day to day....It just beautiful!
 ash hair colour9

After 8 days, the colour become lighter and purple starting to fade…

ash hair colour10

After two week, the base colour kind of remain the same but the purple turns to pink and slowly fading away… I think the hair colour look absolutely stunning even though the purple has already fade…..Between this is the hairdo I did for wedding dinner few days ago… What do you think about it?? I love the braids so much…..So sweet and romantic..

ash hair colour11

This is how behind look like..nice or not? hehhe..


So in case you want to know the pricing, it cost about RM 975 for my length (Bleaching – 420, Colouring – 330 and Treatment – 225) . Here is a list of pricing if you want to know for other services.

Frank Salon27

If you want to visit Frank Salon remember to make an appointment and do it before February as there will be price hike when nearing Chinese New Year and it will be damn packed with people too.

Frank Salon
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar south,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact No: 03-2242 3109

It’s the end of the post.. Hope you enjoy reading.. Tata!

“ Question: Are you planning for a hair makeover soon? What you planning to do? Dye? Perm? Rebond? Share with me I love to know you hair makeover plan! “


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