Lee Min Ho at Innisfree Festa 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Did you follow my Instagram last Saturday? I was given a golden opportunity to meet the handsome Lee Min Ho!!!!

lee min ho innisfree10

I bet you all has already know about Innisfree is in Malaysia since I have talk about it on my previous blogpost. If you want to know what is the range they carry in Malaysia and the pricing you should go read my post now!

lee min ho innisfree1

Before we went into meeting with Lee Min Ho we get to experience the Innisfree Festa where we get to try the product, plant cactus and decorate our eco-pouch. Innisfree believe this experience will bring the essence of Jeju Island alive and will take consumer one step closer to understanding the green ideology and methodology behind this brand.

Some of the Key Product range from Innisfree..

lee min ho innisfree2

This Jeju orchid were new… I want to try them so badly!!! When I finish mine I will definitely buy this!

lee min ho innisfree6

Soya bean for your skin!!!!


The famous green tea range is the best seller. I love this range too!


We also have a chance to experience the Eco-Gardening… We planting the cactus in the Innisfree jar… They are all recyclable!

lee min ho innisfree22

Let’s try some planting!

lee min ho innisfree7

Look at the beautiful cactus!!
 lee min ho innisfree8

So adorable too!!! Can I have all of them?

lee min ho innisfree9

Do cute stamping on our eco-pouch! Hehe..

lee min ho innisfree20

and finally time to meet with Lee Min Ho!! He shared his daily skin regime where he cannot leave home without his Innisfree Forest for men all in one essence. He said “I definitely credit Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Green Tea Seed Serum for keeping my skin clear, hydrated and fresh round the clock.”

lee min ho innisfree19

lee min ho innisfree12

lee min ho innisfree13

lee min ho innisfree14

We also have Q&A session with Lee Min Ho!!!

lee min ho innisfree15
more pictures of him!

lee min ho innisfree16

Then Lee Min Ho officially launch the Innisfree Fiesta 2015!

lee min ho innisfree17

lee min ho innisfree18

Alright that’s all from me, hope you enjoy seeing Lee Min Ho picture.. How I wish I can take a picture with him! hahaha… Till my next post!! Bye Bye..


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