Kerastase Discipline Hair Product Review

Monday, January 26, 2015

Good morning Chickas!! It seem the pass week I haven’t got much time to post a proper review, so I thought I begin the post with a new way to greet you all with some happy tones (in word form I mean) duhhhh if you get what I mean! Alright, I have been wanting to share with you how much I love this entire Kerastase Discipline range of Hair Product….. I have transform to a blonde last month and you will never know the troubles I face styling my hair…. They definitely need special care compare to a more common brown or dark tone hair colour. I am glad I have Kerastase Discipline Hair Mask with me which really helps to tame my fizzy hair and most of the day I go out without blow drying… Well off course my hair does look better if I were to blow dry it!

Kerastase Discipline4

The Kerastase Discipline Hair range is target to solve the long quest for a manageable hair by women around the world. Women always face problem like fizzy hair, hair sticking out from the hair and too much time spend blow drying hair to tame it down. This range contains Morpho-constituting agents, a smoothing protein derivative and ceramide R that helps fiber restoration. The surface coating primer helps hair manageability & anti frizz protection.

I have been using this for almost two months and I must say this is by far the most nourishing hair range I tried so far…  Let us begin with the shampoo… Packaging wise are pretty standard to all Kerastase product and this is the same… I do prefer a pump bottle shampoo over this one as I can be little clumsy especially when I am in rush of time. This shampoo come in a milky cream with a little gloss and can lather up easily! Bubble making is not a problem. Scent wise is typically the shampoo scent, smell good but not the one I fancy most (I love floral and fruity notes). I love this shampoo for making my hair feeling soft when I rinse off with water not like some other shampoo that can be so rough that my finger could not run through them.

Kerastase Discipline9


 I was happy with the Kerastase Discipline conditioner because it’s still sufficient to make my hair soft as most of the time I just leave conditioner aside because it just doesn’t work for my hair. During this two months I use conditioner most of the day and will replace with mask for once or twice in the week. It has similar scent and milky smooth texture quite thick I would say. I can run through my finger after my hair is dry when I use this conditioner whereas it will not happen with other conditioner.

Kerastase Discipline7


The conditioner already performing so well, the mask off course does not disappoint me too. It work like wonder to me… It make my hair super soft and manageable. I have lesser tangle hair when I wake up in the morning. It has a very thick consistency cream milk texture with similar scent to the rest. Come in a jar form which is a little difficult to hold on and most of the time I will leave the cap un-tighten until I done rinsing my hair because my another hand is filled with the product. Only a small amount is needed (one full table spoon) for my long hair.

Kerastase Discipline8

KERASTASE DISCIPLINE THERMIQUE (Leave in Treatment), RM88 for 150ml

This range also comes with hair smoothing milk, a leave in treatment. This is my hair savior when ever my hair is so messy and fizzy… This always happen when I go to bed without waiting my hair to completely dry. I will spray my hair with some water and then apply this milk on my hair end and blow dry it. It will then look neat and smooth. I also use this every night after I towel dry my hair to nourish and protect my hair from any heat (blow drying or heat curling). I notice a big difference when blow drying my hair without this smoothing milk on the hair look more fried and dry.

Kerastase Discipline10

Overall I really love this new range as it is very suitable for my hair as I always for for chemical treatment so I definitely require a more nourishing hair product. After using for two month on my bleached hair, I find my hair softness was well maintain and combing it through become much easier in other words my hair become tamer. Only set back is the scent, not that I hate it but I prefer less artificial scent and yes price on the high side but it was worth if it make my hair so much better. See my before hair below, it was all so messy and fizzy… After using the discipline range you can see my hair end look much softer and the hair not so dry anymore… Tangle was definitely reduced!

Kerastase Discipline review

That’s all for today. So have you done your hair makeover ready for Chinese New Year for those who celebrating it? I had just dye my hair few days ago, stay tune I will share with you my new colour… I love it to the moon… If you want a sneak peek, go stalk my instagram at


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