How to Destress?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I have been very stressed with work and various planning…. It’s been crazy week but I am happy I clear some work and tried some method that really help me destress….

1. Forget Work!

First you got to leave work behind unless the due date is near.. Don’t OT, get off work once the clock pass 5/6pm depend on your office hour. Work will never finish…. So get off and proceed to the next step listed below… Chances are you might return the next day with full energy and finish your work at a faster speed and higher efficiency..

2. Just Eat!

Eat what you have been craving for weeks… Forget the diet, eating is best cure! Call out a few friend for a brunch or a nice dinner…. Otherwise just go dine yourself!! Have some me time with delicious food is very relaxing too..Dessert will definitely help you forget those work and problems!! I took my laptop out and dine alone at Owls Cafe! Put on music and enjoy the ambiance.

3. Go for shopping

You on a strict budget? Then got for a window shopping! Trying on the cloth and then put it back if your budget doesn’t allowed and put that on next month budget…. Save up on things like hair wash/ hair do, mani and pedi, cut on eating out then you may be able to purchase that piece end of next month.

If you have the budget allow yourself to buy one thing you like….. Do not go overboard else it will add more stress when the bill comes!

4. Watch a Comedy!

Go to cinema with your friends or partner and watch a great comedy! If you want to save some money YouTube is the place to go! They are plenty of funny video available!!

That’s right laugh your heart out!!

5. Go for a hair wash/ spa

Hair wash is the budget way to relax. It will not cost more than RM 40 for a hair wash and you get a shoulder massage at the same time! That’s a good deal right? If you have more to spend then go for a full body spa!

Alright happy de-stressing ya!!! Let me know if you have try any of above!! Till my next post! Bye Bye!


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