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Friday, January 30, 2015

Month ago I was invited to attend an evening of dining to find out some new fashion brand as well as beauty product.

M2 World of Brands

I was introduced to this new shop call M2 World of Brands at Tropicana City Mall. They sell variety of bags, clothing and jeans from many well known brand. The owner said these product are taken straight from factory and some are pass season item.. I suppose they are like factory outlet. I went and have a look at their bag, I am not sure if it’s really original because I don’t own much original bag so I can’t tell. All I can say was quality was quite good comparing to the normal brand I can get at shopping malls.

M2 shop (2)

Jeans wise I find the fabric are really soft and comfortable to wear. Quite a number of design that I quite like actually..

M2 shop (1)

The only thing that I am not happy is the zip which is not as smooth and the price for each pair cost RM 299 – RM 799 which is still quite pricy considering I can get jeans from other brand at similar price with better zipper.

M2 shop (3)

More Info: |

Eiliya Studio

They offer trendy and modern muslimah clothing at a affordable price. They pride themselves on creating Islamic attire that is modern, fashionable and versatile. I quite like this maxi skirt as the design is very unique. I find their design are very modern and trendy… Quality wise are great too, good fabric that feels comfortable.

Eiliya Studio 


Their shop located at No 9176, Jalan Negara, Taman Melawati, Ulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur.

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Genesis Holistic Spa

I went to tryout their facial, body massage and bust firming treatment. I really like the bust treatment as I really see significant firming result on my breast. As for facial and and massage I find it very normal but I was really impressed by the body oil they use. They actually can use the oil to perform a test to determine which one your body need most… Your body will release sort of energy to move the crystal pendulum. You will have to go to try their body massage to find out the entire process.
The body oil are all from the Alqvimia series a 100% Natural  Essential oil. ALQVIMIA creates 100% natural products that holistically treat and care for the body, mind and spirit that have made ALQVIMIA the favourite brand of natural beauty connoisseurs and most demanding women.


They have a wide range of body oil to choose from. So pay a visit to Genesis Holistic Spa to find out more.

ev9 Staff performing a test to determine the type of oil our body needed!

They also carry I Skin Newyork skin care which offer products that contain specialized peptides—chains of amino acids that perform specific functions like anti-aging and skin lightening agents. These specialized peptides allow everyone to enjoy the brand’s benefits for longer periods of time and without subjecting themselves to harmful chemicals.


Lip Addict a lip product that offer anti aging to your lip at the same time provide volumizing and moisturizing effect to your lip. You no longer need lip injection now!

lip addict review

I tried it on once and it has a very long last mint feeling, I guess this is what make my lip look plump. If you don’t like mint feeling I suggest you skip this. It’s very glossy look almost like water on my lip. I choose the shade in 206, it look very sheer on my lip so I think it I wear a lip stain or lipstick underneath then apply this gloss on top it will look really pretty..

More Info please refer below:

Genesis Holistic Spa :
Alqvimia : |
Alright that’s all of my sharing let me know if you have try any of this before. Got to go for now.. Have a good weekend…


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