Where 2 Cooking Workshop 3.0 at Lone Pine Hotel Penang

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ever wanted to learn how to cook? Then you better watch out for Cooking Workshop 4.0 next year. I do not have the exact date yet but once I have it I will share with you guys. Few weeks back I was at Penang learning how to cook various local cuisines like Samosa, Braised Chicken & Potatoes with Lamb Curry. The workshop starts early in the morning and I am surprised to see so many participants!!

Where 2 cooking workshop1
Before workshop begin, guest and participant get to enjoy morning tea & refreshment. To participate in this workshop you only need to pay RM 80 and inclusive of one buffet lunch at Lone Pine Hotel. Quite a great deal isn’t it?? Look people are filling up the spaces…. That day it was full house, fantastic.

Where 2 cooking workshop2

It was great to learn from the chef how to cook each dishes but I hope the next one they setup stove for all participant to cook along. That will be fun!!!

Where 2 cooking workshop3

at the end of the workshop, there is Q&A session where guest can ask the chef question on the cooking process they just watch live… Some even get on stage to try their hand on how to really wrap the samosa and look at the chef expression. She say you must wrap the correct way so the filling doesn’t spill out.

Where 2 cooking workshop5

The braised chicken look delicious…

Where 2 cooking workshop10

A big group picture of all sponsor and people who make this workshop successful.

Where 2 cooking workshop4

We then adjourn for a lunch and then we proceed for cupcake decoration contest.

Where 2 cooking workshop6

Met Parinee from Thai Airways…. She is such a beautiful girl!

Where 2 cooking workshop8

She is giving away grand prize air ticket to Sapporo, Japan.

Where 2 cooking workshop9

There are plenty of lucky draw prizes I see almost half of the participant go home hand full!!


So remember to stay tune for the next cooking workshop!!

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Got to go for now… Bye Bye..


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