OhhSOME Fest 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Halorrr people!! What did you do last weekend?? My weekend was overwhelming with some big newss!! I will announce that on another post okay. Sunday I was at Avenue K for the OhhSOME Fest.


p/s: All non marked picture are taken from OhhSOME fest Instagram or Facebook.

My first time attending these kind of fest and guess what the International Youtuber, Wong Fu Productions & David Choi were at the fest. The Youtubers were at the fest on the first day and second day is mingle session with some lucky fans.

image Wongfu performing with help of Fans!! Such a lucky girl!

image Lucky Fan having fun bowling with Wongfu

Alright beside these act there is also some unique booth by some talented people!! It was great experience seeing new things!

Dwikraft sells all the hooks, rings or pendant or charm you need to make your own necklace or bracelet.

ohhsome fest6

Liquido, bikini from Brazil selling only at RM 100 each!!! Such a good deal!! Summer is coming in 6months! Start planning your beach holiday!!!

ohhsome fest3
Watching how they remix songs!!!

ohhsome fest4
Some Anime collectibles like printout poster, badges and etc..

ohhsome fest5

The three happy guy from Tour Direction bringing you guide to scenic places and yummy restaurant to explore in Penang!

ohhsome fest7

Online book store by www.Bookurve.com. Visitor can take a lucky draw to win a chocolate or a book!! I got a chocolate hehe!!

ohhsome fest10

Also get to learn some news thing on marketing, growth and social media through those talk by special guest!

My Taxis sharing how they make taxi sexy again!!! Such informational talk and info sharing session!

ohhsome fest11

There are quite a number of talks on that day!!


oh there is also outdoor activity at the rooftop!!!

ohhsome fest16

This ride will get your adrenaline pumping!! This is crazyyyyy…. Haha did any of you tried this? very similar to the Sling Shot at Sunway Lagoon but this have higher excitement rating!!

ohhsome fest14

and yes we also got our selfies printed out!

ohhsome fest13

Fans are waiting for the next performance!!

ohhsome fest15

Well, that’s all a quick updates on what happening at #OhhSOME Fest last Sunday! Were you there too? Share with me your stories too!! Got to go back to work now… Tata…


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