Kerastase Discipline Hair Treatment for Fizz Free Hair @ Miko Galere Pavilion

Monday, December 15, 2014

Good days to you girls!!! Remember my last Hair Scalp Detox Treatment at Miko Galere last month?? Now that my scalp is clear and clean, my hair is ready to absorb more nutrition. So this time I go for Kerastase Discipline Hair Treatment to tame my unruly tresses! After so much colouring and bleaching it’s a pain to comb my hair even with wide-tooth comb most of the time. Not to mention those baby hair,  hair that break and newly grown hair is short and standing 90deg up which is annoying!

kerastase discipline10

Miko Galere at Beauty Hall is one of my favourite salon to visit because of the beautiful garden back drop and also the superb service by the staff and the super strong wifi signal! As usual when I sat time I will be asked what type of drink I prefer and then it will served on my dressing table.. This Discipline treatment promised to tamed the most unruly hair in the world with the help of Morpho-Keratine™, a unique blend of shape enhancing ingredients to consolidate hair fiber and also the Surface-morphing polymers to smooth surface roughness. Alright here is the first step of treatment wash hair so that all dirts and residue is removed.

kerastase discipline3
After which the Kerastase Discipline Hair Treatment (Long Lasting Discipline Care) was applied on to my hair. Then she blow dry my hair without rinsing out.

kerastase discipline4

Right after that she uses a hair straightener to iron my hair so the nutrition can penetrate into my hair effectively. It’s very similar to Keratin treatment but the product that they use does not contains strong chemical like those in Keratin Treatment. You can see the difference whereby there will be no smoke release when the hair is ironed using Kerastase treatment cream like those i Keratin the hair will be like heat up and smoke released.

kerastase discipline5

Alright, time to rinse off the treatment… She then apply another treatment (Restorative Pro-Keratin care) which require no waiting time just a little massage onto the hair will do. Off course she rinse it off before continuing to blog dry my hair!! Oh she also apply the smoothing taming milk to protect my hair from excessive heat during blow drying. Here is my hair after the treatment.

kerastase discipline9

These are the product used for my treatment. The shampoo & smooth taming milk is available for purchase for home use but both treatment cream are for salon use. For home care there is another hair conditioner and hair mask. I also got the whole set home to use so that the treatment result can be prolong.

kerastase discipline7

I really love how this treatment make my hair feel so light!! Incredibly light that even after 2 week I still can feel it. The most magical moment happens when I reach home I rinsed my hair it feel so so so soft…. I never experience these softness before… Seriously wow-ed by it’s result. My hair is now more manageable and less tangled. The treatment lasted about 5washes I think…  If I uses the hair mask it resume to almost near to the softness I had on the day after treatment. Using the conditioner is not as soft as using the mask and my hair tends to tangled at the ends. I will review the home care series in depth later on a separate post. So stay tuned on that ya. So that’s all for today! Hope you enjoy my review.

Miko Galere Beauty Hall Pavilion
7th Floor Pavilion Shopping Mall,
Kuala Lumpur


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