Grand Hyatt Thrity8 Review & The BIG YES!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Alright this won’t be a full food review but rather a recap of my most memorable moments in our life…. The first little step to another chapter of my life.. Alright I’m sorry if you found this post too cheesy because i need this story to be on my blog so I can reflect them few years later…..

Now let's begin this cheesy post....HAHAHA... He booked me for a dinner  a month ahead… well I can guess what he wants to do… So I actually tease him that I know he will be doing something….. He told me nah it’s just a normal dinner and there’s promotion using his credit card for 50%, I trust him and guess he won't be doing it since I already know… We don’t usually splurge on meal as we are saving for our USA trip so if there is no promotion I will not agree to spend money on such expensive food…

So as usual he drive me there and when reaching Grand Hyatt Hotel, I asked “ Why do you turned in here”. He trying to lie that he is making u-turn… By then, I know he is bringing me there for dinner… I am so so so happy, i wanted to dine at Thrity8 for a long time..... So I really thought it’s just a Christmas Dinner to celebrate Christmas since he got a little token from his boss… All this while, I thought he will bring me to a normal restaurant, I did not bring camera so all picture here were quite blur and dark due to the dim lighting, please forgive me for that. The picture doesn't do justice to the food there.

Arriving at the 38th floor we took a picture with the beautiful KLCC view….  If I know I am going Grand Hyatt I would dress up more glam….


We sat down and order our preferred dish from the menu. The service at this restaurant was top notch. We asked for WIFI password, the staff told us how to sign in and tell us he will come back in 5 minutes to check if we able to connect. Never encounter any staff that would return to check if we able to connect unless if we ask. The ambiance was really romantic and breathtaking…. Our table is facing the KLCC skyline view…. The waiting time for our food is quite long.. I think it takes 40minutes but the food quality is fantastic so I guess that waiting time is forgivable.

We order the Wild Mushroom Soup, RM 28.00 and this is the best so far…. The wild mushroom aroma is so good and every spoon is filled with pieces of wild mushroom and it’s not overly seasoned. Most of the time wild mushroom soup can be over-seasoned where I ended up drinking lots of water after that.
 Grand Hyatt thirty 8 review13

We ordered the mash potatoes, RM 25 since their main dishes does not came with a side dishes… It’s creamy and soft but I think RM 25 is rather too pricey. Skip this and order soup as it is more worthy.

Grand Hyatt thirty 8 review11

Thomas ordered Pan seared red snapper fillet, braised leek, saffron clam jus, RM 85.00. Oh those fresh flakes of fish taste so good and the gravy is amazingly good! The crust is so crispy but the flesh is so tender and juicy!

Grand Hyatt thirty 8 review9

I ordered a Tenderloin Australian Steak, RM 150.00. I ordered for medium well done and I am hoping it will be pink on the core without any blood but it came a little too cooked for me. I inform the staff and he said I need to tell them exactly how I want it to be the next time as medium well done would be towards well done which means no pink meat. I told them oh it’s alright no need to replace with a new one but they insist to exchange a new steak and serve with two portion instead of one.

 Grand Hyatt thirty 8 review10The first steak..

Grand Hyatt thirty 8 review12 The replacement steak came in 2 portion with pink cross section!

We waited for some time for them to redo the steak… So we continue to indulge in our wine and chat through the night!! Their business is so good.. we see people come and go and the table in front of us at least the people had change 3 round already. The steak is perfectly seasoned and taste delicious even on it’s own. I still can remember that one moment of steak indulgence...I punch my fork through the steak and cut it through with the knife and pick it up with the fork and place in my mouth; I chew slowly as I admiring the KLCC view. This is such a divine and indulging moment. Seriously, it worth every penny we spent there!!

As we finished our main course we decided to move to the lounge area for dessert so we can listen to the band singing… As the waitress bring out the Signature Cake out it look so beautiful with smoke coming out….. Then this Thomas suddenly popped out with a flower…. ahhh I was surprised and really really love the flower… He asked me to open the cake cover and then I see the cakes written “ Will You marry Me” with a ring in it… His best friend Eric were there to help snap our pictures (Thanks Eric for helping out)… Thomas then kneel down to propose to me…..  So I say “YES I DO”. I was really touched and really love the whole arrangement!! So below are some of the picture taken that night!

wedding proposal1 I was surprised!! really surprised!

wedding proposal2YES, I DO!

wedding proposal3 We are engaged now!

wedding proposal4

wedding proposal5

I really love this pictures!! I love how the makeup look on me!! Tutorial for this look will be up soon!!!

wedding proposal7

The signature cake was alright not really suit my taste and I was too happy after the proposal so I can’t taste the cake properly!! What I can say is, if you have the budget go Thirty8 for atl east one time.

Thomas specially ordered the flower according to my taste so it deserve another picture… White Lilies, Purple Roses and Purple Carnation…. So beautiful!!


What a night.. That Night was my happiest night of my life as I just got info I will be traveling to Europe for 12 days next year!!! Weeehooo… 2015 will be such an awesome year… I just got my USA visa approved too!!! and my boss already given me green light to be on leave!!! So happy and exciting!! Oh and that’s means goodies from Europe & USA for giveaway!!!! Let’s hope everything goes on smoothly for me next year and lastly another picture from me. Sorry for being a little cheesy here! Love yall lotssss!! XOXO!


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