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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I used to be a member of Fitness First until my work become so busy and there’s so many event in between! I always say nahh I won’t purposely workout or diet just for wedding until last few week I went and tryout the wedding gown, there’s a thought running through my mind that I will look better if I slim down a little! I wanna keep back my words… I want to have a toned down body before I put on my wedding gown! I was thankful to find that Fitness First has revamped a few of their outlet and one of their premium outlet is at Midvalley which is very convenient for me! Their all new ambiance and new workout program like the Freestyle Group Training as well as the Aerial Yoga definitely gives me more motivation to sign myself out to Fitness First!!

image Fitness First at Empire Damansara

This is a interesting Yoga, I’m not a yoga fan but I am really excited to try this Aerial Yoga out!!


The Freestyle Group Training (FGT) where you move in simple movement with a small group of people under supervision of the assigned trainer.

Fitness First Curve5 Freestyle Group Training Session

Honestly it’s not about getting that perfectly S - Body Shape but most importantly is working out make my lifestyle healthier… In this era, people tend to sit in front of their computers & laptop all the time without much walking or any workout and guilty as charged I’m one of them (till my butt become so huge, it’s not nice because it’s not as balanced shaped like the one J-Lo have)… Finding time to workout at my convenience is tough most of the time…. Now with Fitness First as it has 14 outlets across Klang Valley so I can just drop by to any outlet nearby to where I am at that moment! Pretty cool!!

fitness first club location Fitness First Club Location

Five of the Fitness First Outlets has been transformed to inspire members to go further via it’s new fitness philosophy. This include the right balance of training, nutrition and motivation, Dynamic Movement Training, upgrade of existing clubs, introduction of the latest fitness innovations, launch of new workouts and enhanced staff expertise and customer service. Among some of the drastic changes are the club brand new interior design with wood element on the wall, new area for FGT, new locker system(using scanning system)and also interactive and new improved group training classes. Now let’' me bring you to walk around the club.

FF The Curve 0155Fitness First Merchandise

Fitness First Curve surrounding Fitness First Curve New Workout area

Fitness First Curve3All new locker system 

Mind you those cute red & black circles are not for decorations! They are for you to workout!
 fitness first freestyle group trainingFGT area

Last week me and the butterflies were given a chance to experience the FGT session and also to talk about how this training helps to train our body and muscles.

Fitness First Curve9 Our discussion with Kah Wen, Master trainer (in Red Fitness First Top) & Kurt, the Managing Director of Fitness First Malaysia (in Black long Sleeve Shirt)

What is Freestyle Group Training (FGT)? FGT is the perfect blend of aerobic an anaerobic exercise, designed around the body’s natural movements and is proven to be at least 50% more effective than fixed machine training for strength, speed, endurance & flexibility. You can only get FGT in Fitness First Club not anywhere else and not all Fitness First Clubs have this facilities. Check out the the available club & schedule here.

FF The Curve 0098 Butterflies in action!!

Now FGT is divided into 3 global programme streams, H.I.I.Tm Power & Strength. These programme are based on the daily basic movement like squat, lunge, bend, push and twist movement – 3 dimensional multi-plane exercise. Like I mentioned earlier, these classes are supervised by Fitness First certified coaches.
H.I.I.T means High-intensity interval training, it functions at high intensity and pace with equal burst of 30 second work and rest intervals. It uses Dynamic Movement Training techniques in all 3 dimensions and work your core with bodyweight. It also uses Freestyle™ equipment to maximise your output and elevate the heart.
FGT Power
In this programme, you learn explosive and progressive, fast-paced power movement with heavy resistance; 20 second output, 40 seconds rest period. It helps to maximise body power with jumps, press ups and burpees. This programme works the whole body and enhances athletic performance.
FGT Strength
This one builds total body functional strength,muscular endurance, and promotes lean muscle mass with Dynamic Movement Training exercises and strength-based loads:. In this programme you have to work for 45 seconds then rest for 15 seconds using the bosu, dumbbells, TRX and bodyweight exercises. Woots Impressive set!

I find that FGT classes are very easy to pick up and most of the movements are really simple movements like we do daily but in this session we combine a few together and do in reps! Let’s see some of the basic level of this workout!!

The round circle was for squatting movement and the square boxes are pumping… The one I am working on is switching leg in and out on the assigned box. It does look easy but I swear, a 10minute workout is like an hour workout…. I sweat like mad!!! and that means my fats are going away too!! hooray!

FF The Curve 0092

Nah see I told you, these circles are not for decoration, it is meant for you to hop from one to another circle! Hopping can be exhausting!

FF The Curve 0097

I’m trying to delay time by slowly getting down for pumping.. LOL….

FF The Curve 0104 
FF The Curve 0105 Run baby Run!!! 

Sweattttt!!! I’m happy that we all manage to complete the session being the first timer!! So no excuse for you!! If I can do it, I am 100% sure you can too!! Then we proceed for some cool down session before we go for a shower and a meal!! I am famished!!!!

FF The Curve 0143 Don’t let me go!!!!

FF The Curve 0124

This was fun!! Push Push!

FF The Curve 0144

FF The Curve 0146   HOORAY Fitness First Rocks!! We completed!! Well done everyone!

I really love this FGT session, it’s more fun than the conventional classes and definitely more exciting then those machines!!! Working with a bunch of people gives me more motivation to workout… If i workout alone probably by halfway I would have given up!!Can’t wait for more session with fellow members!!! Hope I can look hot in my wedding gown next year!!!!! ahhhhhhh feeling excited!! Till my next post!! Have an awesome week!!!

“Question: Are you currently under any Gym membership? or Do you workout at home yourself?”

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