Empty Jar or Trash: December 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello pretty ladies… Since my last empty jar or trash post, I think it’s fun to share with you what I used up and what not… and seem like you girls like to read them too…. So the other day I run through my makeup stash and rearrange everything, i dig out a few item that I think it’s time to trashed and some empty bottle that I have been keeping… So this post will be all about makeup product.

Beauty review1

1. MUA Flawless Primer, 3pound (if not mistaken)

This primer is my favourite when ever I need to fill up my pores. It’s feels very smooth and make my skin look silky smooth. One good thing is the price is so cheap… Sad thing is MUA is not available in Malaysia but they do ship to Malaysia. Just got to sign up for their newsletter and wait for free shipping promo! I got this during 1pound shipping promo. As you can see on the picture, I have used up entirely… I squeeze till the tube look so ugly!

2. Collection Cover & Go Foundation

Alright I love this 2in1 product because I am on the go person so this is so convenient for me… However, the coverage are not so good for concealer and foundation are not bad…. I think this foundation is a little too nourishing for my skin… I wanted to trash this away but I am going to give this one last chance, I try it out again tomorrow and see if I will change my mind.

3. Legere Aqua CC Cream, RM 78

This is a unique and fun product.. It’s a all in one product that act as moisturiser, primer and corrector too… I love the cooling effect of the cream and that it produce water droplet as I spread it onto my face…. However, the coverage are quite light… Almost sheer I would say… I guess I just don't quite like CC cream as they are always very nourishing that make me feels very oily when wearing them on my face and this is one of them too… I have write a full review here if you want to read about it. As usual, if you like to have this item drop me a comment, since I only used it for review, it’s a waste to throw it away.

4. Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara

Alright the only thing I love about this mascara is the tiny brush which can reach the inner corner lashes and apply on bottom lashes easily. However, I don’t feel the volumizing effect at all… Probable just a little lengthening and it has those funny smell that I don’t quite like… Nevertheless, I still used it up but it’s not my favourite mascara.

5. Essence Shimmering Bronzing Powder, SGD 5 (if not mistaken)

Okay I got this while I travel to Singapore and realize I did not bring my bronzing powder… This is about SGD 5 if not mistaken, so i thought why not give it a try… The powder are quite chalky and the colour look weird on my skin!It has a very light shimmering finish just that the colour not quite my liking.. I only used it once or twice I think and then I stick back to my Jelly Pong Pong Bronzer and stop using this…

There you go all five item that is going to trash…. Are you using any of above product? Do you like them? Let me know on the comment form below!! Ciao…. Muacksss


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