Be Creative Makeup Review: Just Be Yourself & Be Beautiful

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

How many of you can go out of you house without makeup? I have a few friends who spend hours applying foundation on the face before leaving house. Honestly, it’s alright to go out with bare face, I don’t mean entirely naked face but just minimal coverage. You are beautiful even without any makeup, with a little help of makeup it enhances your natural beauty. That is what Be Creative Makeup Philosophy is, Be Yourself & Be Beautiful! Now I can be myself no matter whether I am with makeup or without!! I AM BEAUTIFUL in every way!
BE creative makeup review

BE Introduction

Every woman is pretty in their own way. Each and everyone is unique, feel free to express yourself with the vast varieties of colour, finishing and texture makeup palette from BE Creative Makeup. BE Creative Make Up is the first professional make-up brand that offers advanced formulas and cutting-edge design at affordable prices. This comprehensive range of 38 different products is available exclusively through a selective distribution network.


The four commandments of BE:

• Embrace the new
• Express your individuality with make-up
• Make trends your own
• And remember: you are UNIQUE!

I am so happy to be invited to attend their BE Creative Makeup Launch available exclusively at Watson Muse at Sunway Pyramid. I did play around with their product and find their product are really good quality.

Be Creative Makeup11

Come let’s go on for a tour on the brand!

watson muse be creative makeup Amanda, the Brand Manager of Watson Muse tell us more about this new cosmetic brand in town.

BE make professional makeup at an affordable price possible for woman around the world. You heard right, you don’t need to spend big bucks for high quality product that produce amazing results. BE product are produced using long-lasting formulas and high-quality pigments for intense, professional quality make-up that is free of parabens and phenoxyethanol. I am happy to know that BE product are free from parabens! Their packaging and simple but sleek and sturdy. It comes with a rounded edges for a more soft & sophisticated finishing just like how professional makeup look. Okay I will talk more on that later on during the review part. Now let’s move on to the launch on that day.

BE Launch

Butterflies are invited to the launch and ask to go bare face so we can have a makeover using of course BE Creative Makeup. We get to choose the look based on 4 themes ( BE Romantic, BE Glamorous, BE Natural, BE Funky)

Be Creative Makeup16

Checkout all the MUA super busy transforming butterflies!

Be Creative Makeup2 transformation in progress
Be Creative Makeup1 MUA drawing Caroline eyes…
Checkout my mua drawing my face? Can you guess which look I chose?

Be Creative Makeup17

I chose Glamorous Makeup!!!!! Here is my before and after!!! Pretty or not?


Some of other Butterflies Makeover!! Look at their beautiful eyes and velvet skin!!


There is also lucky draw on that day and Rane the lucky girl who won a big hamper from Watson Muse!! So lucky! I am jealous now!


Let me now show you some of the BE Creative Makeup product range…

BE Product

BE Face

A perfect complexion is first and foremost vibrant. All make-up artists will attest to that: the complexion and creation of a natural look is the hardest thing there is. Because you need to create a radiant face, apply shadows and light, touch up the shiny areas and mortify the delicate zones. A flawless complexion is the basis for any make-up. Women want products that deliver professional results, but are easy to use.

price range: Liquid Foundation (RM 79), Compact Foundation (RM 65), Loose Powder (RM 55), Blusher (RM 49)
Be Creative Makeup3

BE Eyes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul.The eyes are also a perfect playground for make-up professionals. You can choose to apply a subtle line or use eye make-up as a
subtle tool of seduction. It takes only a minimum of effort to find the right colour and to experiment with bright swatches of colour or a refined eyeliner. And we should certainly not forget the mascara, a proven bestseller in the world of make-up.

price range: Mono Eye shadow (RM 39), Quad Eye shadow (RM 70), Mascara (RM 65 | 69), Eye Pencil (RM 35), Gel Eyeliner (RM 55), Eyebrow pencil (RM 35)
Be Creative Makeup5

Be Creative Makeup8

Be Creative Makeup7

Checkout the swatch here. It’s quite pigmented except the 029 matte which need 2 swipe to see the colour. Well expected because usually this colour is harder to be seen with one swipe. I love the semi-gloss eyeshadow, gonna talk more about it shortly.

Be Creative Makeup6
Be Creative Makeup31

Eye Pencil swatches..

Be Creative Makeup13

BE Lips

A beautiful mouth is seductive and mysterious in turns. Anything is possible as long as you have the right products to express how you feel. In fact, the mouth is the most
playful expression of make-up because your lips can be defined and enhanced using intense shades and high gloss.

price range: Intense Lipstick (RM 49),
 Be Creative Makeup4

Here is the swatch, the lipstick are all very soft and glides on easily with velvet finish.

Be Creative Makeup10

BE Tools

Brushes are indispensable tools for creating a flawless look. They make your cosmetic application faster and easier and ensure greater precision, so the make-up stays on longer.

price range: Brushes (RM 39 - 79),  Brush Cleanser (RM 39)

Be Creative Makeup32

So intend to buy anything? Not convinced yet? Continue to read on as I will be sharing a short review on a few product I got! I am pretty sure after that you will fly over to WATSON MUSE to get these BE cosmetic.... Because as I am typing here I feel like want to fly over to buy them!

Be Creative Makeup40

BE Creative Makeup Review

The Diamond Dew Glow Foundation Review, RM 79

Initially, the SA recommend me to take the matte foundation since i mention I don’t like want foundation that doesn’t turn oily overtime as I have oily T-Zone. But But, I don’t want matte because I am worry it’s hard to blend and I prefer dewy finish for more young look.

Be Creative Makeup39

I was bit worried that it will be too oily but thank got it finish in satin finishing and not too oily. It provide light coverage, quite natural finish. I love to use this for daily look or natural makeup. The packaging come in a pump frosty glass bottle and smooth black plastic matte material. It reminds me of Nars packaging but the earlier one does not collect dust as it’s not rubbery!! Easy to up keep!!! Awesome!

Be Creative Makeup38

I take two pump for my whole face for a fuller coverage (still consider light coverage compare to other full coverage foundation, just fuller coverage than one pump if you get what I mean) and one pump for super light coverage. If you wanted full coverage foundation then this is not for you. So far I am loving this foundation as it is so lightweight and it gives a very natural finishing like my second skin!
 BE The Diamond Dew Glow Foundation review

Look how natural and radiant my skin look after using the foundation!!! I just love it!!

BE The Diamond Dew Glow Foundation review1

Mono Eye shadow in 031 Indigo Review, RM 35

I got the eyeshadow in Indigo Colour, my favourite colours…

Be Creative Makeup37

Alright, I try not to be biased but I love the colour and the finishing. The colour is not too opaque but still quite pigmented so you can choose for a light application for a softer look and build it up for dramatic look. Packaging wise was similar with the foundation cap. It’s light weight and non rubbery but I think the see through plastic in the middle is quite flimsy but it doesn’t really bother me la.

Be Creative Makeup36

It has a sheen and shimmer finishing but no flakes or sparkles in it. I would not say it’s buttery smooth nor chalky, almost in between this two extremes.

Be Creative Makeup24

This colour is suitable for night look but can be worn during the day on the outer corner or under eyes for a pop of colour. I used it for a night look though… All in all for RM 35 I say this eyeshadow is super worthy!!! The colour look wonderful on me and does not have too many fall out.

Be Creative Makeup29
Be Creative Makeup28 close up
p/s: If you like a tutorial on this look please let me know! oh sorry on the poor lighting picture.. Taken in the car as I was rushing to event!
BE Intense Lipstick Review, RM 49 in 019 Heat
This intense lipstick comes in 20 shades to choose from. It produce velvet soft coverage and very hydrating for the lip.

Be Creative Makeup34

The packaging is similar with the eyeshadow! so similarly good!

Be Creative Makeup35

This colour look not so pigmented when swatch on my hand but when apply on my lip the colour is really impressive.

Be Creative Makeup25

It glide on easily but this is more of a velvet finish not so creamy. Proper lip sealing is required else it will bleed. So make sure you use lip pencil or lip concealer before using it. i did not try this lipstick to eat any meal so i can’t comment anything yet. I do love this colour as it’s not to red and can be use on any skin tone. It also suitable to wear to work as the colour not too bright.

So a brief review of Be Creative Makeup, eyeing any of their product? You get a limited edition from BE Creative Makeup with purchase above RM 150. You can purchase them at Watson Muse Sunway Pyramid!
Be Creative Makeup14
A group picture to end the post!

Well that’s a wrap…. Thank you for reading my post. Hope it help you decide which to buy ya!!! XOXO!


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