Philips Visapure Review

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh hello girlssss!! How have you been doing?? Today is my off day.. Guess where I am??? I am currently in Penang and bringing along this convenient cleansing tool along with me!!! In my previous post I have already show you a sneak peek of what Visapure can do!! Not yet read them? Check them out here. More than just cleansing, it cleanse deep down into your pores to ensure all dirt is eliminated leaving and fresh and glowy skin…


This new Philips Visapure bring you a new level of cleansing experience using it’s dual motion to thoroughly remove all the dirts and makeup from your skin. Do you know that this little magic tool cleanse 10times better than your finger but equally gentle. As a result, your skin will look more radiant and glowing.


Now let’s have a look at Visapure Key features:

What’s in The Box?

So what do you get when you purchase the Visapure Cleansing Device? Quite a number of accessories that come along with it!

Visapure Review11
  1. Visapure Cleansing Devise c/w with normal brush and cover
  2. Visapure Sensitive Brush
  3. Visapure Charging Port + Dock
  4. Visapure Casing
  5. Visapure Towel (Terms & Condition applies)
The new Philips VisaPure will be available at major electrical and departmental stores at a recommended price of RM799 for the SC5275 model (2 speed settings with 1 normal skin brush head and 1 sensitive skin brush head) and RM699 for the SC5265 model (1 speed setting and 1 normal skin brush head).
Philips VisaPure brush heads for different skin types are also sold separately: Normal skin replacement brush head SC5990 (RM59), sensitive skin replacement brush head SC5991 (RM65), and exfoliating skin replacement brush head SC5992 (RM69).
How to Use

The Visapure come charged with battery, but if you are getting stock that have stay in store for weeks the battery may not left much (just guessing since it tend to discharge itself even if you did not switch it on. Mine come in full battery and it last me for almost 2 week (twice usage per day) without charging. I rinse my Visapure brush with water everytime before I start cleansing my face and also after cleansing. There is only one button to switch on the unit. Press one time for normal speed and one more time to switch to dual speed. If you want to switch it off just press on more time if you are in dual speed mode or two time if you are at normal speed mode  (total three time). 

Visapure Review16

The unit has a auto pre-set timing of 20 seconds for 3 part of the face as follow:
  1. First 20second: Left Cheek
  2. Second 20second: Right Cheek
  3. Last 20second: Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Chin, Lip.
Visapure Review 35

After 60 seconds, the unit will automatically stop so you don’t need to switch if off unless you want to reduce the cleansing time.

Usually, I put facial cleanser on 4 parts of my face and then place the Visapure on my left cheek follow by right cheek and then forehead, eyes, nose, chin and lip. You can lather the facial foam on palm of your hand and apply it on your face before placing the visapure on your face, but I don’t prefer this way. This is because if I lather already, the cleanser bubble tend to be washed away buy the wet brush… So I usually lather it using the brush instead of my hand.

Cindy’s Thoughts

After using it for almost a 2 months I would say this really help in deep cleasing my skin. I do feel my skin is much purified and glowing compared to using finger alone.. Everytime when I using it, I feel like it’s a gentle exfoliating and massaging on my skin. The normal brush is very soft and I think it’s suitable for everyone even sensitive skin… If you have sensitive skin you can always opt for the sensitive brush. During this one month of usage I do feel that acne does not pop out as frequent as when I use finger to cleanse my face. I absolutely love using Visapure to clean my face when I have heavy makeup on! It help to thoroughly cleanse and remove all makeup especially on eye area… When using finger after rinsing with facial cleanser using finger I can still see some mascara and eyeliner residue left on my eye lashes, with Visapure almost no residue left at all…

The Visapure body is very sturdy as well as I ever drop it on my toilet tiles from high level and it did not crack or break at all!. It has a relative small body compare to other cleansing tool available in the market which means it’s easier to handle but take double time to move around my face… One thing I hate about the design is that its rounded surface is hard to store as it doesn’t stay still no matter horizontally or vertically…. I think Philip should have provide a stand to hold the Visapure device….

Visapure Review17 The sturdy but curvy body

I do love how soft the brush feel on my face… It does feel like massaging on my face.. The normal brush bristle are more thick and far apart unlike the sensitive brush which is much finer and the bristle are very soft and close to each other. I have not try the sensitive brush yet but the normal brush is good enough for me.. I even used it to clean my eye socket and also lip area… Just make sure do not run the brush on your eyes for too long as our eye skin is much more delicate… I usually just run two time…
 Visapure Review18Normal brush

Visapure Review14 Sensitive brush

As much as I love the device cleansing efficiency, it does not reduce my blackhead formation much maybe a little and my pores remain clogged and similar sizes. I hate that the cover is so hard to put back on as it always leave some of the bristle popping out which my damage the brush over time..


Now it’s time to show you the before and after picture. My skin jus after 12 days can seen much radiant and glowy… Then you can see after 26days, whereby I skip one week without using visapure as I travel to Koh Sah Mui to see what’s the different of not using it for a week. At day 26 you can see my skin become dull and dark partially also because I went to beach…. After another month my skin return to become glowy as I resume using Visapure….
 Visapure review 3

Visapure review 4

All in all I think the device help deep cleanse my skin but I expect it do much more since we are paying quite a hefty amount for that tool. I think that is all for today review.. Hope this review help you decide if you should buy this device.


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