Kerastase Hair Scalp Detox Treatment @ Miko Galere Pavilion

Monday, November 10, 2014

Girls you heard of body detox, but do you know you need to detox your hair scalp too? I bet you are like Haaaa??? What scalp detox? Yes most of the time we think our hair is too dry then we start feeding our hair with hair mask, hair oil and etc….. We might overdo without realizing, not sure about you but that was what happen to me…. As a result of over pampering my hair, my scalp become oily and causes hair fall often. Also lately has been really stress plus I always dye my hair guess it’s rather sensitive and oily… So really needed to detox my scalp!!!So I went to Miko Galere to get my scalp cleaned using the Kerastase Hair Scalp Detox hair product……

Kerastase Scalp Detox22

Oh before I move on to the hair treatment, this Miko Galere is located on 7th Floor of Pavilion Shopping centre. Apparently, there is two Miko Galere in Pavilion so don’t go to the wrong one… I did went to the one at 6th Floor for the first part of my treatment and then I realize I actually make appointment for the one at Beauty Hall (7th Floor)…. So you will see second part of my treatment I move to the 7th floor ones..

Kerastase Scalp Detox24

Can only reach from centre court level 6, escalator behind  Hui Lau Shan. It’s inside Beauty Hall where all the pampering stuff you girls needs is in here!!!

Kerastase Scalp Detox25 Entrance of Beauty Hall

Kerastase Scalp Detox23 Walkway into Miko Galere

This is one of the most relaxing salon I have been so far…. The bright garden inspired gold grid with white flower drapes is such a beautiful sight to behold!! Let me bring you around the salon…

Kerastase Scalp Detox17
Kerastase Scalp Detox18 

Kerastase Scalp Detox19 

Kerastase Scalp Detox20

Now let’s move on to the scalp detox…. The very first step is to take a peek on my hair scalp condition….

Kerastase Scalp Detox2

This is my scalp before the detox… It look gross I know… Sorry ><

Kerastase Scalp Detox review

My stylist then using the cleansing treatment for oily hair and massage it all over my hair scalp…..

Kerastase Scalp Detox5

After which, he then using a machine to massage it on my head…. Very cool device and this treatment is so so relaxing leh!

Kerastase Scalp Detox7

After which he use another tool from the same machine to massage my neck to open up my lymphatic nodes…

Kerastase Scalp Detox9

He said it’s very similar to the cupping technique.

Kerastase Scalp Detox11

ahhhh this is the best moment ever… I think I would love to do this treatment again!! It’s so soothing and relaxing! After which he wash my hair with the special Kerastase balancing shampoo like usual. I told him I like massage and WOW really WOW, his massage skill is good!! Maximum relaxing! You should really look for him the next time you visit Miko Galere.

After that I move up to the Beauty Hall Miko Galere for the rest of the detox step since I have to go to toilet anyway…. He ask if I want to go with hair wrapped or with hair down… I said hair down… He then detangle my hair with wide comb and braid my hair so I don’t walk out with a lion mane!

Kerastase Scalp Detox12

The last step is to apply the tonic on my hair to restore the nutrition..

Kerastase Scalp Detox14

and then blow dry and voila… Fresh and lightweight hair!!

Kerastase Scalp Detox27
Now let’s see the after picture of my scalp!

Kerastase Scalp Detox13 
After the detox I feel my hair very light and I did not cut any of my hair!! I am totally impressed with Miko Galere stylist Kenny (I think) for being able to attend to my impromptu hair appointment. I actually made an appointment at 4pm but when I arrived there is no appointment listed on the note book… Only have the similar name at 7pm, so automatically I thought oh well maybe misunderstanding the note on the wrong timing…. That day Miko Galere was very very busy as there are quite a number of walk-in plus clients with appointment and they seem rather shock with my early presence. Kenny came over and talk to me and inform that they never expect me to come so early and apologize to me and inform me to wait for 20minutes. So after waiting for 30 minutes I guess, didn’t really time the waiting period another stylist came and put on a towel on me and start scanning my hair scalp. After which Kenny came over to check on me and explain on the mixed up and apologised on the messy arrangement. I told him I love massage as I always stress over piles of work on my mail box… He then massage my hair for a very long time… and yes it does help distress my mind and my scalp after that treatment!! You should really ask for him if you plan to visit Miko Galere Pavilion.
Got to go for now… Good luck and have an awesome week people!


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