Failed Shopping Ban thus Shopping Haul!!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Tell me what is the longest time you stop shopping?? For me 2months is the max… It’s really hard to resist especially when something you love is on sale…. Haih that’s exactly what happen to me… I bought a boots that I have been eyeing in Asos since months ago. When it's on sale i quickly. buy them!
Few days ago I saw this long floral lace cardigan and I totally in love with it… I have been searching for maxi cardigan everywhere, but couldn’t find one that I like yet!! This one is perfect for our country as it’s not thick!! But But it’s on normal price and I really seldom buy NP item…. Well the Pavilion & Sunway Pyramid outlet don’t have my size…. So I thought okay save up money for my wedding and honeymoon… But then I really love the cardigan, so just now I went to Midvalley to trim my eyebrow and I drop by F21 then this branch has my size!!! ahhhhhh…. Think Think Think…. In the end I gave up and bring it over to casher and swipe la!!! Tell me Tell me is it beautiful??
Next item that I bought is midi rings from Lovisa.. If you follow me closely you shall know I am obsessed with midi ringsss… At Lovisa I saw the swift,diamond & rose midi ring set for RM 30 for 3 set I couldn’t resist…. Pick the set and then saw the pink daisyy…. ah pick pick…then head straight to casher without much thought..
The last item that I bought is a bag for travel purpose.. I got them from Robinson! Actually I wanna buy a bag for work but the current one not yet spoiled and I don’t want to waste more money.. Also I couldn’t find a bag that fit my requirement yet… Today I found a bag that fit almost all my requirement for travelling… It’s lightweight, it’s soft, the handle is soft and it’s on sale! Sadly, it doesn’t come with a zip and compartment… Oh welll…. But i love the soft leather can be my pillow when Im on plane and bus! The bag can be use in reverse for another colour option!!
So there you go my tiny haul I would say… I am so excited with my USA trip even though nothing has been confirm so far!! LOL…. Till then goodbye love!
“Question: What is that one thing that make you break your promise to stop shopping?? For me is definitely that cardigan!”

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