Dettol all New pH-Balanced Shower Gel

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Living in a hot and humid country exposed us to lots of germs and bacteria growth as we tend to sweat a lot during the day. Being an engineer by day and blogger after working hour means I travel from one place to another the whole day…. I can travel from KL to PJ and then to Subang and back to Cheras in one day… Not to mentioned, being a frequent traveller, as I land from airport I head straight to work or to events which make my body sweats as I running around.. When I reach home, I feel sticky and smelly and that means my body is filled with bacteria and germs which is a bad sign!

Thank god I was introduced to Dettol all new pH-Balanced Shower Gel that not only keep my body protected from germs but also keep my skin moisturised…


Watch this video on how Dettol pH-Balanced Shower Gel worked..

Last week, I had a terrible day due to flight delay and got so sweaty for rushing over to event…. From 6 am till night, I did not manage to get a splash of water…..ewww so grossss…. I was happy that when I reach home, I have Dettol with me that ensure my body free from germ!! I feel really fresh after shower and I was surprised that it doesn’t strip off all my natural oils… I remember using other antibacterial shower gel before and usually my skin will feel very tight and drying…. One more point for Dettol is that they have the new scent variant that I came out from my shower smelling lovely!


We all know keeping skin moisturised is extremely important but do you know how??? Do you know that if your skin pH level is not balanced it cause dehydration to your skin resulting in skin flaking when it is too acidic and if you skin is to alkaline, the aging process of your skin will speed up too… So how our skin pH level is balanced? It’s all depend on how we take care of our Acid mantle pH level.

The acid mantle layer is a very fine skin film on the surface that are slightly acidic. This act as a barrier as it neutralize the bacteria, germ and other contaminant that are primarily alkaline. A balanced and healthy skin is between 4.5 to 6.2 ph. Our daily exposure to hot weather, UV rays, exhaust fumes, pollutants, dust, haze, air conditioning will dry up our skin. By using a cleanser which slightly acidic will help to keep our skin healthy and moisturised.


Dettol shower gel will be able to retain our skin at that healthy pH level which prevents the growth of bacteria and germs thus leaving my skin feeling soft, moisturised and supple. Don’t believe me? Let me show you a test below how Dettol pH balance shower gel can keep skin ph level balanced… I spray water on my skin and apply Dettol shower gel as well as Brand ‘X’ shower gel on my wrist. Then I test my skin with the pH pen to determine my skin ph level!!


and now let’s us see what these colours mean… Brand ‘X’ are way too alkaline even though it provide same antibacterial effect like Dettol.


Dettol pH Balanced shower gel has total 6 variant Skincare, Original, Re-energize, Fresh, Radiance and Cool. My favourite is Dettol Skincare as it has rose scent and it keep my skin feeling soft and the Dettol Cool for it’s cooling menthol effect making me feeling refreshed!


These Dettol pH-Balanced Shower gel are only selling at RM 6.90 for 250ml,RM 15.90 for 625ml and RM 21.90 for 950ml. Guess what if you participate the Dettol pH Challenge at this link, you get additional RM 5 off on top of discounted price from Guardian from 1Nov – 31 Dec. For example normal price RM 15.90 and Guardian is having 15% promo, so it become RM 13.50 after discount and you get another RM 5 off. Therefore in total you only pay RM 8.50.

So hurry and join the Dettol pH Challenge now!!
Alright girlsss I got go now… Have an awesome day ahead!!!!!!!! XOXO


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