Being a Bath Tub Addict!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hola girlssss!!! I am sorry for missing a few days… I am so exhausted with work and travelling!! Thousand of sorry for not posting these few days.. I am trying my best to share something with you every weekdays!!!

Today is about me being a Bath Tub addict!! Call me bath tub queen!!! HAHA! I would sacrifice my sleep to soak in bath tub!! Even when I am so tired after walking whole day when I travels around I will still prepare the bath and soak into it!!! I don’t have a bath tub in my house so the only time I get to soak in bath tub is when I travel!

So today I will share with you the picture collection of all the bath I made and also my indulging moment in the tub!!!! Oh yes and all my bath bomb, bath frizz and bath bubble collection!! They are just so pretty that sometime I feel too pity to used them up!
This is one of the pretties bath I made using fresh flower I got from Hotel Welcome gift!! hehehe!


This was the most fun soak ever because I get to grab a sundae ice cream to eat while I soak in the tub!
The below bath bomb in a pretty gold present shape and a gold bath fun are given to me by Suzanne when I met her in my recent Singapore trip! The gold bath melt is very fun to play with! Can be use as shower gel, shampoo and bath bomb! It’s very soft like a flour dough where you can make them into any shape you like before using them!
Haha this bath filled with thick and cloudy bubble!! Love it.. I think I squeeze two bottle of shower gel and quarter lush bath bubble!
My recent Lush Purchase, the one in purple log shape smell so fruity and make my bath colour so beautiful! The jar on the right is bath salt by Aveda!! Oh boy they are so good!!!! The round yellow/purple bar is bath bubble!! Give nice lavender scent to my bath! Those square ones are from BOOTS… Lovely scent but almost colourless!

IMG_20141119_232345 Look at the bath!!! Isn’t it beautiful??
More bath picture!! I love to put on face mask and hair mask when I soak in bath tub!
pt2014_11_25_16_28_48_mh1416904158392 more bubblesss…
Sephora bath fizzz… Erm you need at least four pieces for the entire bath! Else it’s like scentless and fizzles!! LOL!
I even made my own bath bomb… It doesn’t fizz so much like those I purchase!!
C360_2013-11-27-20-05-07-922 My first Lush purchase!!! Space girls bath bomb is so pretty!
Seriously, Lush bath bomb still the best!!! Their colour is amazing… Scent is awesome and it has essential oils that make my skin feel so smooth after every soak!
This is from a brand from Israel, Laline!! Pretty packaging but almost scentless when put in the bath!
More bath bomb and bath bubble I bought from Lush!!
So there you go… All my crazy bath soaking picturesss….. Not sure when will be my next trip that I can soak in it again!!!
“Question: So are you a bath tub addict like me too?”
Alright, that’s pretty much for today!!! I got to get back to my work… Hope to update another post tomorrow!!! Have an awesome Wednesday!!!

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