Food Review: Two Pesos @ SS2

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This time, our food adventure brings us to a mini steamboat restaurant called Two Pesos. Located in the busy streets of SS2, PJ that is resident to some great tasting food, Two Pesos is the latest addition would certainly rope in more foodies. So let’s head on over to check it out.

Two Pesos is a brainchild of a couple in Taiwan which is established in the market. At Taiwan, there is many variant of steamboat/hot pot which sees variation in sizes, cater to the general diners.
The Shop

Essentially the idea is introduce steamboat which is both affordable and moderate in size that would appeal to many diners as steamboat would usually be in a big pot and might require a larger group.

The Interior
Seating Area
They have a variety of broth that is different in each individual pot which can select from their menu. Patrons can select different types meat and assorted noodles or rice for a more filling tummy. There are also optional add-on to the serving according to preference.

Select the pot
While the order is being prepared, there is also the sauce which we can have our concoction for some tasty sauce.

2pesos0006 Sauces corner
Passion Fruit Ice – RM 2.50
Kochabi Winter Melon Tea – RM 2.50
Our first order is, Two Pesos Stone Pot which is highly recommended. Prior the pot is being serve, the stone pot is heated up with sesame oil, some garlic, onions, chilli and slowly sauteed with the meat which the fragrant smell slowly fills the air. However it’s for short interval as this would make the base more flavourful (the natural taste from the meat and condiments) as the soup will get tastier when the ingredients that will be added to be boiled in it after the meat is removed.

Two Pesos Stone Pot – RM 13.50
Light fry meat

Subsequently once the broth is boiling, the rest of the ingredients can be dipped into the pot and feast on it once it’s cooked. The residue taste drawn from the light fry of the meat is evident which the rich flavour lingers despite douse with the broth which enhance the overall taste.

Ready to serve

Off to the Milky way, we have the “Milky Seafood Pot”. The creamy white broth would certainly appeal as the taste is unique and the texture is creamy. The ingredients tossed into the pot to let it simmer for a while prior eating it to capture the taste.

2pesos0023  Milky Seafood Pot – RM 14.00

Fans of Sukiyaki? It’s also available at Two Pesos’s, “Japanese Sukiyaki Pot”. The broth is amazing as the unwavering rich taste which calls for more stuffing into the pot. There is a separate broth to dilute as over time, it would get thicker and much saltier.

Japanese Sukiyaki Pot – RM 14.00
Sukiyaki Pot (Boiling)

The next pot had definitely caught many attention as it’s called “Tajine Seafood Pot”. With a lineage of history, Tajine is a Moroccan that is named after the type of pot in which it is cooked. Due to scarce of water, Tajine is traditionally cooked over hot charcoal leaving an adequate space between the coals and the tajine pot to avoid having the temperature rise too fast while the cover is designed to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom thus giving a full flavour contained within the pot. The unique spices in the Moroccan cuisine is evident in the pot with a tinge of it.

Opening the cover of Tajine
Tajine Seafood Pot – RM 16.00

Still on the exquisite exotic flavours is “Mongolian Herbs Pot” and “Basu Spicy Pot” that is next on the pot. Both served in a bronze like pot which contains all the natural spices that preserved the taste and it’s unique taste might be appealing to some while the “Basu Spicy Pot” is a tad spicy and pungent which attribute to the peppercorns, both leave a rather distasteful after taste.

Mongolian Herbs Pot – RM 14.00
Basu Spicy Pot – RM 14.00

Somewhere along the way, we got another side order which is the “Dumplings”. There’s distinct balance of aromatic taste combination of mushrooms, and vegetables which is unlike other dumplings that has the heavy smell of meat and lack of the aromatic taste. Sadly it lack of texture and not so fully filled (too much empty room)...

Dumplings – RM 3.80

They also do take-away. Yes, you heard it. The ingredients is cooked prior delivery and will be filled into the take-away container which the broth will be placed in a separate container to maintain the freshness and avoid all to become too soggy. Now there is something for those looking to keep the tummy filled and warm.


It’s a whole new steamboat experience here at Two Pesos which they have explored variants that is relatively new in the market (especially the take-away). The ingredients are served fresh which they prepared in individual serving to ensure freshness and standard portions. Their bright decor definitely puts a positive vibe to patrons though it might be tad bright. The premise is usually filled with patrons when comes the dinner shift as people would soon start to walk in and orders will be flying around. With a reasonable pricing and decent portion, it would be an ideal choice for the next dinner schedule. So do check out the place on the next visit to SS2 for your dose of food galore.


Two Pesos Steamboat

No.7, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/67
47300 Petaling Jaya.

Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm,
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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