Fit for Fashion Showing 16th October 2014 at Star World

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Are you a fan of model competition TV reality show you would love Fit For Fashion even more!!! I am a huge fan of ANTM and I dare say this is wayyy better!!! I was lucky to be invited to preview the first episode and I must say it’s unexpected and impressive game plot! The contestants will in the competition will bring home a total of USD100,000 top prize!! WOAHHHH that is a lottt!! Alright I know you need a little spoiler don’t you?? Okay you have to stay till the end of the post for a lil spoiler alright?


I thought the idea to combine fitness and fashion is really brilliant and it’s first of its kind reality show!!! This show is set to inspire viewer to get them self fit for a healthier and happy lifestyle. Honestly, even just watching one episode it got into me and that reminds me I had to workout again soon! The show will be broadcast live across Asia on Star World from Oct 16, 2014 onwards!! Imagine, the partner for this reality show has produced numerous top rating show including The Contender Asia, The Biggest Loser Asia, The Challenger and The Apartment. No wonder the show is so entertaining, the big producer is in!

Fit for Fitness30

Being fit is is the key to stay Fashionable. If you see someone without good body shape, instantly you will turn over the person next to him/her with fitter body shape right? being fit bring confidence to yourself as well as to the person around you. In addition people will look fully charged and energetic which further improve their way of living. This is how Fit for Fitness come about. It aimed to encourage viewers to emulate the contestant’s achievements by making fitness part of their lives.


All 12 contestants will be getting expert fitness advise from both trainer expert, Christine Bullock (ranked the Hottest Trainer 2013) and Mitch Chilson (two time ESPN Martial Combat MMA Champion winning).

Fit for Fitness18 Left Mitch Chilson, Middle Christine Bullock & right emcee of the day

and of course, contestant will be able to use Fitness First training facilities as well as the customize training programmes to help them get fitter and go further than they thought possible. Each contestant has their own inspirational stories that will unfold as the contestants transform before the viewers’ eyes. This are intended to help audience members find their own motivations to get more out of life through fitness and stay healthy!!

image Fitness First Training Room

As for the fashion part, all contestant will be showcasing the GREAT Britain fashion piecess, the co sponsor for this show!! Ahh all of these are my favourite!! I got hook with UK fashion after I came back from my studies in UK! Even now most of my cloths are still from the UK Fashion’s Brand. Thorough Fit for Fashion,  GREAT Britain campaign  able to highlight the UK’s position at the cutting edge of international fashion and its reputation for trendsetting, inventiveness and creativity. Some of the participating brands include Clarks, Debenhams, Ted Baker, Fred Perry, T.M. Lewin, Laura Ashley, STORM London, Reebok, Boots, TONI&GUY, Kenwood, MINI and British Airways, among others.


Malaysia being one of the best destination for Beach & Island Holiday will be supporting the show to show case various destination in the country during Visit Malaysia Year 2014. The show was filmed at Tanjong Jara, a luxury beach resort in the beautiful east coast state of Terengganu, where the contestants were based, but other locations will also feature during the run of the show.


I was at the official launch of Fit for Fashion : Break the Wall of Excuses!! Joining the launch was Madam Chong Yoke Har, Deputy Director General (Planning) Tourism Malaysia, Simon Flint; CEO of Fitness First Asia, Riaz Mehta; President and Founder of Imagine Group and Acting British High Commissioner; Ray Kyles.

Fit for Fitness1 with Ella & Innanie!

In her speech at the launch, Madam Chong highlighted the positive impact Fit for Fashion will have in raising awareness of Malaysia as a premier shopping destination. This will be conveyed particularly clearly in the show’s finale episode, which is due to be filmed in Kuala Lumpur later this year in conjunction with KL Fashion Weekend and the 1 Malaysia Year End Sale event.

Fit for Fitness6

Simon said, the series is ground breaking in many ways – it is a unique combination of fitness, fashion and reality TV that not only entertains but also educates the audience. The show has a powerful online and on ground campaign led by Fitness First which will help everyone watching the show, achieve their personal goals.

Fit for Fitness3

Riaz said, there are many twists and turns in Fit for Fashion where nothing is predictable. Our contestants go through a multitude of physical and fashion challenges where their confidence and physical fitness levels are being tested time and time again. Be sure to catch the first episode of Fit for Fashion premiering on Star World and Fox on 16th October across more than 20 territories including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, India, Korea, Japan and the Middle East.

Fit for Fitness4  
7 of the contestant were present that day and they look so fit and fashionable in all the Fashion Sponsor pieces!!!! I am jealous and I want to be like them!!

Fit for Fitness27

Here is a short profile of all contestant:

Vanessa Ammann, 25 – Vanessa is from Cebu in the Philippines and is currently a mermaid coach. Vanessa is so down to earth!Love her!

Fit for Fitness26

Fred Burnard, 36 – Fred currently lives in Boracay in the Philippines, but is originally from South Africa.

Citra Corrigan, 33 – Citra is originally from Australia and spends most of her time looking after her three precious sons. Her mother is from Indonesia and her family lives in Jakarta. She currently lives in Singapore. She is so sexay!! My vote for you!
Fit for Fitness24

Jerald Foo, 27 – Jerald was born and bred in Singapore and works in Sales and Marketing. He’s so cute!

Fit for Fitness21

Chelsey Hall, 27 – Chelsey is from the UK, but currently lives in Boracay in the Philippines, where she runs a charity called ‘Babies of Boracay’. Chelsey is such a happy girl!!!

Fit for Fitness22

Shiva Nithiabala, 37 – Shiva is from Malaysia and has just returned to the country after spending 13 years working in Mongolia. He runs his own business.

Fit for Fitness25

Matthew Kosub (‘Matty’), 28 – Matty is an Australian and was working as an actor at Universal Studios in Singapore for the past year. He currently works as a Head Usher in a theatre in Melbourne.

Fit for Fitness23 
Kristina Pakhomova, 22 – Kristina is from Russia, but currently lives in Singapore where she works as a freelance actress and model.

Fit for Fitness20

Andrew McCarthy, 26 – Andrew is half American/Irish and half Chinese. Andrew was raised in Hong Kong. He is currently starting an electronics trading company, clothing line and alcoholic drinks company.

Rusty Thompson, 32 – Rusty is of Filipino American heritage. He has served in the US Army and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in New York.


Hema Lata Veerasamy, 25 – Hema is a medical graduate from Malaysia. She can speak five languages and is currently awaiting her job posting with the Malaysian Government.


Ming Wolf, 19 – Ming, the show’s youngest competitor is of German/Burmese descent and is currently a student in Singapore studying Interior Design.


During the event, we also get to find out some inspirational story of some of the Fitness First member! Each of them has a inspirational stories behind especially the girl on the left. She lost her leg but still can work out at the gym!! Such a strong girl!

Fit for Fitness17 
Fit for Fitness7 Left Ray Kyles, Riaz Mehta, Chong Yoke Har & Simon Flint
The wall of excuse were destructed!!

Fit for Fitness8

We were showed a short sneak peek of the exciting show!! You can watch them in video below too!

We were all then usher to watch the first episode!!! and here you go the spoiler, you will be seeing all contestant work so hard and never expect such challenge!! It’s really tough.. I would have give up if I were them!!! It was funny to watch a show with the contestant because it was the first time they watch it I guess… They were laughing back at themself and even said how could the other member to talk behind their back!!! Alright, thank you for reading till the end!!

Don’t forget to catch the episode on Star World on 16 October ya!!! I can’t wait to catch them!! If there is season 2 I might consider joining them!!


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