DIY Pre Wedding Photoshoot Project Part 2: Checkmate!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh helloooooo… We are back with another pre-wedding photoshoot…. If you have not checkout the part 1 DIY pre-wedding photos click here. All couple picture are taken using tripod & remote…This time were more challenging… Not well prepare and pressed for time and no natural lighting really make things become so so challenging! We chose a parking lot as after that we have a brunch nearby so we didn’t have much time to go to specific location… Initially we have more time but bump into a friend and had talk to him for a bit so we left with about 45 minute or so…… Also we have never try indoor shoot and the lighting were really tricky!!!

This time we wear a matchy checked top and jeans bottom. We try to portray a fun and happy couple! It was so hot at the carpark… We got so exhausted at the end! I think we need a whole day to slowly choreograph the pose and adjust the lighting.

The first part will be my usual OOTD picture which is not so prewedding I think... I forgot about the prewedding thing and all the pose I did were more of a High Fashion post (to me la)..Only realize when I post process the picturesss.... Anyway below are the results… Comments are welcome and please don’t laugh on our sillyness!

 Checked Top: Forever 21
Jean Skirt: Cotton On
Heel: NewLook
Earring: NewLook
Bag: Charles & Keith





The first picture were a little awkward…


Second shot is more natural…Heee I love this picture!



The below picture is my favourite picture!!! Love it a lot!!


Hahaha this is a funny post.. We keep laughing when try to pose…and we got so exhausted doing it…


The last picture can see our tired face!!! zzzzzz…


okay la that's all the picture for this round..hopefully the third one we have more time to spare!

Follow all my DIY Pre Wedding Series for all guidelines and our experience doing it.

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